IBM Pre-Sales Advisor Tool

Designed to increase efficiency, Pre-Sales Advisor Tool is a simple-to-use, Web-enabled solution that provides quick access to IBM’s pre-sales information and tools for Power & Storage. This fully integrated and interactive portal offers a high speed self-service “One Stop Shop” experience and allows you to:

  • View information associated with a specific product family, including detailed product specifications and selling points, competitive and compatibility information.
  • Navigate an easy to use Hardware Systems Advisor which asks business and non-technical questions to quickly guide users to the correct family and model
  • Leverage on a simple, automated web interface to register deals and benefit from full integration with pricing functions such as e-Pricer

Key features include:

  • Different paths to ensure users of all

    levels of experience have fast access to appropriate steps, processes and pertinent pre-sales information

  • Guided experience that aid decision on most appropriate hardware product to meet your client’s needs combined with competitive comparisons to help position the IBM solution
  • Intuitive, fast and user-friendly way to request and administer Power & Storage deal registrations.

Pre-Sales Advisor Tool public site to get a first taste!

Available to support end-user customers and potential new Business Partners, the public site is accessible without a user id or password. The public site home page is designed to support non-technical users and provides a subset of information available on the entitled site.

Access to the public site for Pre-Sales Advisor Tool(link resides outside of

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