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Genuinely horrible for writing reviews. Constantly fails to upload/errors out over and over. Uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times. Nothing helps. Only 1 out of 5 reviews successfully uploaded. Wasted so much time with this and I just want to write some good reviews of businesses while travelling. App feedback leads to a blank page. Using on a new S7 so what is the issue here? What a terrible app. With this app downloaded on my husband's phone, we had a blast using it in Greece for our road trip. It was fun exploring Greece. Thanks to those wonderful people who took their time to inform people like me. A very useful app to find places to visit and stay also a great way to to report places good or bad. One of best apps to find out quality hotels! Ratings and reviews by guests who have previously visited are very useful! I use this tool for recommendations for hotels and places to go. Its been invaluable to me. Keep up the good work. Love using this app to find hotels, flights and restaurants, also other people's reviews Helpful site and I enjoy making and reading reviews Great app. Easy interface to do reviews Great place to read vistor's reviews Like the app, helps with ideas for activities and planning Really enjoy using this app for information myself and leaving reviews of places for other ppl..Thank you x Keep up the good work We get actual reviews and images Don't like it!!!!! Very good thanks India currency not available All around great reference. TripAdvisor is very useful because of the huge number of locations covered. The reviews aren't always reliable because so many different kinds of places are reviews together. So for example the top

restaurant in a city may be a gastronomic restaurant or a popular coffee shop. The app's functionality can be annoying- for instance the search for places nearby your location doesn't work well, and it's difficult to search for places in a region. Still, it's very handy Difficult to use. I tried to use it when tavelling, but the map does not load on slower speed WiFi. Tried the app again. Map is very poor. Can't save favorites. Generally poor compared to other apps like Google trips, etc. Love the app always try write a review as found some great places from reviews other trip advisors. Use it wherever we are and my reviews create nice memory diary for me The app works great with my Android phone as long as I am on Wi-Fi, but as soon as I step outside and go on cell, it can't find anything. v19.6 Loaded Feb 7th 2017 ~ App is resource hungry & UI constantly crashes on Samsung Galaxy Edge 7 ~ Uninstalling for my phone's sake This app is very useful and I like reading what people have put plus it's easy for me to leave a review also x Difficult to use won't Let me submit a review always says error I rely on Trip Advisor for everything. It is my go to for decisions for all things fun and tasty. I have been using TripAdvisor for years, such a great resource for planning or booking a trip! Nice and usefull app to see things even around your home I use it almost everyday. This is how good this app is. perfect urban virtual helper I don't need it. Great app, comes handy most of the times. Very useful. Must have app. Awesome app!!

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