GivingCentral: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Online Giving Account set up, including:
    • Requesting access to a Giving Account
    • Initiating your client's initial contribution
    • Enrolling a Giving Account in the Charitable Investment Advisor Program
  2. Individual and aggregate Giving Account views, which you can sort a variety of ways.
  3. Easily exportable reporting on Giving Account balances, granting history, investments, and charitable contributions.
  4. The ability for advisors with the appropriate permissions to make contributions to Fidelity Charitable directly from a Fidelity brokerage account.
  5. An Alert Manager tool that allows you to sign up for a summary of client Giving Account activity, including grant recommendations, contributions, Giving Account approval, pool exchanges, and statements. This information can also be sent to an email address, if desired.
  6. A Firm Administration tool that allows for easier firm-wide management of Giving Account access.

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How can I get access to GivingCentral?

If you are the only person who needs access to client Giving Accounts you can register online ( as an individual.

If your firm has registered with us, your Firm Administrator can register you using the Firm Administrator tool in GivingCentral. They can also use the Fidelity Charitable Firm Access Form.

If your firm uses Fidelity WealthCentral:

If your firm uses Fidelity WealthCentral® you will access GivingCentral directly from Fidelity WealthCentral with single sign-on. You must ask your WealthCentral Firm Administrator to give you Fidelity Charitable entitlements.

Note: Once appointed by their firm, a Firm Administrator will automatically have access to GivingCentral. Learn more about the role of a Firm Administrator below.

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How can I set up a new Giving Account online?

Once registered for GivingCentral, you can log in and set up a Giving Account for your client by selecting the green Set Up a Giving Account button at the top of your Giving Account List.

After providing your client's information, including whether you'd like to have access to your client's Giving Account, we will automatically send an email to your client asking them to officially approve the Giving Account. If, for any reason, your client does not receive the approval email, they can easily access the online approval page.

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My client does not have an email address. Can I still set up a Giving Account through GivingCentral?

The Giving Account set up process was designed to be done online, and an email address is required.

If your client does not have an email address, or prefers completing paper forms, we recommend you continue to use our online fillable PDF forms and have your client sign the forms and mail or fax them back to Fidelity Charitable.

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Are there any additional reports available on GivingCentral — beyond statements and confirmations?

Yes. Advisors will be able to access their clients' Giving Analysis on GivingCentral. Also, advisors will be able to export Giving Account data into a spreadsheet from the History pages that display transactions, activities, and balances.

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Can I enroll a Giving Account in your Charitable Investment Advisor Program using the online account set-up process?

Yes. You can enroll a Giving Account in the Charitable Investment Advisor Program online with GivingCentral. You will need to provide information about the advisor who is being nominated to manage the assets in the Giving Account, the benchmark(s) the Giving Account will be managed to, as well as the fees that will be assessed for asset management. This information will be reviewed by Fidelity Charitable before the Giving Account can be accepted into the program.

Once an advisor has been nominated to manage assets for a Giving Account in the Charitable Investment Advisor Programandthe information outlined above has been submitted, the nominated advisor will be sent an email once the Giving Account is accepted into the program. They can then log in to GivingCentral where they will see the Giving Account on the Pending Accounts List. They can then begin the process to approve the Giving Account.

You will receive notification when your client approves the new Giving Accountonlyif you have subscribed to the Giving Account Approval alert in the Alert Manager Tool within GivingCentral. The Giving Account will be listed under the Pending Accounts section until it is approved by

your client.

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What is firm-wide access and why has Fidelity Charitable transitioned to it?

Firm-wide access allows multiple associates at one firm to access and transact on the same Giving Account, in accordance with donor permissions.

Fidelity Charitable moved to firm-wide access as it allows advisory firms to provide more seamless service to their clients. A firm must register with Fidelity Charitable in order to leverage firm-wide Giving Account access.

A firm must designate a Firm Administrator in order to leverage firm-wide access. Firm Administrators are responsible for managing all Giving Account access privileges given to their firm's associates.

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How can my firm register with Fidelity Charitable?

To register, the firm officer or principal in your firm must either complete the online registration on or submit the Firm Access Form (PDF).

When registering, each firm is asked to designate at least one Firm Administrator who will be responsible for managing Giving Account access permissions for all of the firm's associates.

If your firm uses Fidelity WealthCentral, you firm does not need to register. Your current Firm Administrator will manage the entitlements associated with Giving Accounts.

If you are not certain if your firm has registered with Fidelity Charitable, our Advisor Service Team can confirm this information for you.

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How can I be notified when there is activity on a client's Giving Account?

The Alert Manager tool allows you to subscribe to activity notifications for those Giving Accounts to which you have access. You can access the Alert Manager Tool from the Your Profile tab when you log in to GivingCentral. You can also have notifications sent to up to three email addresses.

The following alerts are available for subscription:

  • Grant Recommendation
  • Contribution
  • Pool Exchange
  • Giving Account Approval
  • Statement

You can customize your subscriptions for specific Giving Accounts or based on a Giving Account number, Giving Account balance, or transaction status.

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Firms Working with Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services

How is GivingCentral integrated with Fidelity WealthCentral?

Advisors using WealthCentral will have single sign on links to GivingCentral on the Service and Account menus of WealthCentral. When these links are selected, the advisor will be taken to GivingCentral without having to provide their Username or Password again. If an advisor selects the Service menu link, they will be taken to an aggregate list of their clients' Giving Accounts in GivingCentral. If they select the Account menu link, they will be taken directly into a specific Giving Account.

Note: In order to see these single sign on links in WealthCentral, the Firm Administrator for an advisor's firm must provide them with the necessary Fidelity Charitable access.

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Why can't I see all of my clients' Giving Accounts WealthCentral?

In order for you to see your clients' Giving Account information on WealthCentral, the following must occur:

  1. Fidelity Charitable must associate each Giving Account for your clients with the appropriate G Number. G Numbers can be provided to us during the online Giving Account set up in GivingCentral or by submitting the Giving Account Access Form (PDF).
  2. Additionally, advisors who use WealthCentral must have their Firm Administrator assign them the appropriate Fidelity Charitable access.

Your Firm Administrator can contact the Fidelity Charitable Advisor Service Team (at the number or email address above), or their IWS Service team with any questions.

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My firm uses Fidelity WealthCentral. What should I do to make sure the firm's advisors can access GivingCentral and view their client's Giving Accounts?

You need to ensure that advisors are assigned the appropriate Fidelity Charitable entitlements and that the advisor's appropriate G numbers are provided to us for association with their client's Giving Accounts.


WealthCentral Firm Administrators need to assign Fidelity Charitable entitlements as the following for different access levels:
  1. Transactional access: WC CGF + WC CGF View & Transact
  2. Non-transactional access: WC CGF + WC CGF View & Set up

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Where does the Firm Administrator go on WealthCentral to set the new Fidelity Charitable entitlements for advisors?

The Firm Administrator should go to the "User ID Maintenance Tool" within WealthCentral to set up entitlements for their advisors.

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