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the greatest location for a job for sure, good benefits and decent pay, but management pretty much sucks. says they are a office and do customer service, but seems as if its a "call center" job. management is too busy micro managing to assist with calls or be organized in anything.

Good pay for the area. Not much room for advancement in Greer due to full crews. Maanagement needs to take installer concerns as seriously as foremen. Benefits are good and they do allow time you to spend time with your family. VERY hard to get fired from this company though. You seriously have to WORK at getting fired here.

This is a good first time job, it is a perfect fit for anyone who is in school. So if you're looking for a part-time position if so I will go great...

Sunrun was a pleasure to work with. Typical day was visiting potential clients, qualifying them for a solar system on their roofs. I was able to sharpen my customer service expertise and learn a great deal more of independent goal setting and accomplishments. Working remotely every day with the exception of a monthly meeting. Most difficult part of the job was trying to help people custom design the system that best fitted their needs. All homes are different and every different homeowner has specific criteria to move forward. Most enjoyable part of the job is the feeling of knowing for every client deciding to go solar, their lives have changed, whether they realize it or not.

Having solar on their homes will save them tens of thousands of dollars and give them a better life for their own lives and ]children by having control of their energy and being able to use that money for things for purposeful.


Independence. Great support when needed. Great people to work with.


Not being able to help as many people as I would have liked.

There's money to be made in solar. I would rather work for an honest company. This place is only worried about high production and meeting numbers of production.

Pay And The Growth Of Knowledge Were Amazing At This Job.. Every Person Was Eager To Learn/Teach New Things .. Opportunities of Advancement Endless!!...

Management micromanages way too much. They pick favorites and give them time off when others with children or medical issues can't have the day off because they aren't the favorite. Constant worrying about job security


Micromanage, unfair work environment

Typical big corporate business...with all the BS! They sell an out dated railed system(snap&rack) extremely poor quality installs. (I did quality control for Sunrun). Management Push a huge presence of quality & safety....but at the end of the day it's all about hitting their numbers so they make their quarterly bonuses! As far as solar installers go, the pay is not competitive at all! ...but they offer pretty good benefits. I wound not recommend working for them or letting them near your home!

very organized company with many attributes. They are good with giving a substantial amount of hours however it is difficult to maintain daily life with their work schedule.

its not a terrible job i made it past the training to be fired on route to work so i drove an hour to work for them to fire me via email then accuse me of stealing an ipad i never received.

This industry is very demanding. Great management and training. Wonderful company, but solar is a tough industry in NY!

I enjoy working on a small

crew doing a very beneficial job installing solar. We work hard to please the costumer since this such a big decision in their lives to go solar. Safery is a primary goal since it can be very dangerous working on a roof everyday. I have learned a lot about working effeciantly since it is almost the same process most days. This job is very tiresome, but enjoyable when done correctly. Only complaint is that upper management sometimes puts us in difficult situations. We work long hours and they only seem to care about making their quarterly numbers while we are the ones out there on the roof. That being said, this job still has great benefits.


Power tools are all provided

Sunrun is a pioneer in the residential solar market and they are a leader in the energy industry revolution. The work is demanding and the change is constant. My co-workers are here both for the future career opportunities and for the chance to make a meaningful impact on the economy and the environment.


Selling a meaningful service


An employee support system (HR, Payroll, Benefits, Sales Tools) that has not kept pace with the growth of the company

I love the fact that I work for a solar company. It's a rewarding job because we are saving the planet one home at a time.I enjoyed working here until the management changed. Since then the company morale has declined at a rapid pace and the company culture now encourages management bullying techniques.The current manager in place runs the office like it is a high school. She acts like she is just as old as her daughter.They give false promises of internal promotion. That has yet to happen.

Our one year reviews and merit raise is being put on hold until May 2017! How does that work?


I like the other PCs I work with.


Management is terrible and judgemental. Not much encouragement to do a good job.

Overall it was an okay place to work but the work life balance is heavily weighed down by work. Management could definately be better. Often had to much work dropped on top of me at the last minute and pressured to do a million things at once.


Good pay and Benefits


Overworked and Pressure, Management

Bring back solar to NV. Management was exceptional along with the in depth training. Great benefits and cooperative pay. I would recommend working for this company


PUC ruling on solar depleted the market

The work is satisfying and rewarding and the pay is on the lower end of good, but management has an obsession with efficiency which they use to berate us into working harder one week to reduce costs, and have no work the next, with no warning.

If you're looking to get stuck in a single position while numerous promotions and raises are dangled in front of your face, this is the job for you. Management is out for one person, himself. The supervisors, however, are fairly supportive and understanding.

A wonderful job experience. Unfortunately the portland office was shut down, but this was easily one of the most enjoyable jobs I jave ever had. Simple task of lead qualifying. Hourly wage, plus commission and bonuses.

Sunrun is a great place to work with a wonderful mission of creating a planet run by the sun. The company is growing rapidly with many new opportunities being presented. Work-Life balance is pretty good but with being a newly publicly traded company, there is high pressure for perfection.


Snacks, passion, great mission

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