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Never work in the call center for ageas. you get treated as if you were at school. morale is absolutely awful and they refuse to do anything about it. such a high turnover in staff due to everyone hating their time there. they say in interviews that there is alot of progression when there is none. every other department is run well just never go in the affinities department.

After yeara of working for the company you get no respect from management. They do care about the people you are only a number

The team dynamics at Ageas are probably the best thing about working here, the way the shifts work could be better tuned to the individuals needs

Went for an interview and feedback wasn't provided nor was a phone to even let me know if i had got the job i emailed for detailed feedback and still got no reply...they promiced to call on the day if not the next still not heard back.

lots of company benefits/chances for advancement. Hours can be difficult and job is often stressful. Good cafe and free drinks at work.

A typical day for me is to run reports and extract data from said reports for the finance department.I am also responsible for arranging daily collection of several thousand direct debit payments from customers and the implementation of any payment rejections received. I am also fully conversant with the Direct Debit Indemnity Claim process.I also process amendments to customers individual direct debit agreements. I have the authority to authorize and process customer refunds.

This all happens whilst also dealing with customer enquiries from within the business either by telephone, email or in person.


Fun workplace environment and leftto my own inniative


The hours can be long

If you like a job where you have to sell as many insurance policies over the phone as you can and receive no commission or benefits from it. Then this is the job for you. Management are rude. Other staff members are rude. You are pushed on selling and if you don't sell enough you get pulled up on it and your job will be on the line. One mistake for E.g like spelling a customers name wrong will cost you your job. Not a secure place for work.

But if that's in your interest.

This has got to be the WORST place I have ever worked!The morale is so low and management do not care about you as an employee at all! Yo are a number and not a person.No chance of moving up no chance of getting a fair time no chance full stop I wouldn't direct my worst enemy to work here and that's the truth!

Avoid AGE UK like the plague truly abhorrent employers who care about money money money and keeping you on the phone like a rat in a cage !!!


The people in the team around you


No parking.Disrespectful management, poor wage for hard long hours with no let up!

Good chances for progression and great people to work with also good benefits package and free coffee tea and cold drinks


great benefit package


pressurised job enviroment

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I felt like I could ask for help at any time and everyone was helpful from the beginning. My managers were always their to help me if I needed it.


Lunches were discounted

fun place to work having a good team and supported managers who always help to push you higher and help you achieve the experience your looking for.

A typical day at work would be talking to clients on a day to day basis either F2F or over the telephone. Helping them decided which of our insurance and products best suited there needs . I also learnt how to best identify which of the products suited there needs which them enabled me to sale products. Fun place to work and very educational into the insight of insurance and managers were very supportive in helping achieve personal goals

A usual day working in Affinities department at Ageas insurance consist of:-Answering queriesCompleting mid term adjustments, cancellations/lapses, renewing and qotating policies for home and motor insurance.Fraud investigation - Credit check for direct debit plans which come through from the Age UK website.Supporting new advisors in completing there training and being up skilled I have learnt the basis and laws of insurance, how to prevent and spot fraudulent actives.The management at Ageas are very supportive. they like to see advisor grow in their selves and in a professional role. They keep you up to date on your progression and offer way and advise in how to develop further whether tat be in the department you work in or another.The hardest part of the role is keeping up with the changes within the insurance such as declined rating factors and laws.

I enjoy my job very much and can't complain about the benefits Ageas offer or the way they treat their staff. Ageas look after their staff very well and are always willing and supporting their staff to progress and reach dreams.

Good place to work and lots of development if you want it. You don't need insurance knowledge to work as full training provided.

Good place to work, lots of variety and incentives also a quarterly bonus scheme which is easy to achieve. Salary is poor though

Not an easy job to do but can be very rewarding and the team work and support from colleagues is outstanding, worked here for 11 years and have really enjoyed it

My typical day at work involves me distributing workload sending daily reports to team leaders and floor managers.
I have learned to work well in team, my co workers are all helpful. The hardest part of my job is giving trainees a call with a low score, the best part is providing feedback and watch them improve.


Great working environment

I have enjoyed my time at Ageas. I have found the culture and the people the best thing about the business. Ageas Retail is the company name behind the insurance brands RIAS and Castle Cover and we are part of the wider Ageas group. My current role as a Sales Team Manager for RIAS Household Outbound involves coaching, motivating and developing a team of 12 advisors to achieve their sales targets. I also advise or administer Insurance products and associated services.

Mostly under staffed agents put under pressure. As soon as you earn bonus they find away to take it. Bit of a boys club culture really


hours management environment

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