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Jennifer notes that the ’08 financial blow came on the heels of technology revolution that put of-the-minute news literally in the hands of her clients, leaving many in a constant state of information overload. “At that time, my role became one in which I had to weed out the noise, evaluate the news, separate it from the nonsense, and help alleviate the fear and uncertainty that we were all feeling.”

While the world may have been living minute-by-minute, her goals for her clients had to reach beyond the here and now, providing vision and strategy not in spite of that uncertainty, but because of it. “My clients depended on me more than ever as it seemed that the era that once looked at wealth and retirement as some sort of guarantee had ended. I worked in equal parts as advisor, analyst, and therapist. I became increasingly invested on a personal level. We were all changed.”

Jennifer applies the lessons learned in years past to provide both clients and the firm with a clear vision for success regardless of market conditions. She recalls the level of care provided in crisis is the level of care her clients count on, and she

delivers, still. Hand-selected and cultivated by founder Mark Jones, Jennifer is widely accepted as composed and conscientious, perceptive and attentive. Jennifer thrives on the energy of the quickly growing entrepreneurial scene in Richmond, Virginia, where she is an active participant in the business community.

A graduate of James Madison University, Jennifer is a financial advisor and is pursuing her Certified Financial Planning® designation. Jennifer describes the business as her first passion, “I live and breathe in the companies and individuals I work with, and feel privileged to share in their achievements, find solutions to their challenges, and strategize with them for their continued growth and success.” Working with a small and selective client base, Jennifer provides unparalleled service as a trusted partner, not just an outside advisor. In her time away from that passion, Jennifer centers herself practicing yoga or riding Trooper, her favorite horse. “But my work is always with me,” she notes. “Entrepreneurs often describe their business as their baby, and like the work of any parent, it is one that is at once profoundly complex, exceptionally rewarding… and, like parents explain it, it’s work that is never truly done. To be part of that is an honor.”

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