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This is a nice environment to work for. It helps with working mums and has good benefits.

The location is very easy to find and you can park in the park and ride there is a bus every 10 minutes that takes you to the site.

As a cleaner i worked as part of a team. My job role included hovering, polishing, emptying bins, mopping, cleaning toilets and sometimes buffering. I made sure that all my work was best to my ability and was to a high standered.

I clock in and sit at my desk and take inbound calls from people with issues and problems regard their vehicles. I have a break every 2 hours until my shift finishes .


pension, holidays and sick pay


limited progression, very boring and monotonous

This was a pass/fail training course with a 3/4 week residential course. the training was intense and i did not reach the required standard

Typical day at work would include answering calls to all sorts of enquiries which is why employees need to have the knowledge to provide the correct answers. Along with providing the correct information, DPA (data protection act) needs to be confirmed with every caller. I learnt that with hard work, comes great experience. Co-workers were like family, very, very friendly. The hardest part of the job was the pressure of confirming DPA. That came with time as your knowledge and confidence grew. Most enjoyable part was taking the phone calls.


The building was close to plenty of fast food restaurants, supermarkets etc


Some phone calls could involve offensive language and even threats

flexi time is good but its a very face fits company, not what you know but who you know. if your not in the loop you dont stand a chance in progressing. or even getting "let Go"


flexible working hours


poor management, poor work load, poor work life, poor progression.

Brilliant work ethic, friendly environment, good management. Enjoyed the time spent their and thankful of the opportunity. Developed a great deal of knowledge and understanding.

I enjoy working at DVLA but it is becoming a problem with the distance and having to use public transport to get to work. I have severe arthritis in my knees and other health problems which means I am looking to come back to work in Llanelli.


Flexible working hours, good facilities eg. Shop, cash point, post office, restaurant.


Distance to travel from home

Worked as an administrative assistant in the medical department, was simple 8-4 work with 30 minutes lunch. While occasionally slightly monotonous as the main role of this job is to work many very similar cases, my colleagues eased the monotony with light conversation while working. My biggest criticism would be organisation, I was told to expect things such as my name tag (which also grants you access to the building) within a week but it ended up taking closer to three. Overall enjoyed my time at the DVLA and the pay for the skill level the work required was very good.


Good lunch menu, Good sociable hours, Good access by public transport, can dress casually


30 minute lunch break

Full of hard-working and dedicated individuals, plenty of challenges, friendly coworkers, good pay. The flexi system is very useful, allowing flexibility within working hours.

Scanning documents and archivingHow to use

the scanners, printers etcFriendly and helpful managementFriendly and supportive team membersNot getting pay at the end of the week

Learning new skills

Very bad managementYour Just a numberThey don't care about u otherwise!

Don't be late from break or the toilet as you will flash on the monitors !!


Management are a joke

A great working environment initially as my psychology and people skills improved immensely. A busy environment in which the day went quickly and good communication was essential for the job roles to be performed.

my department in the DVLA was a very fast paced environment with plenty of tasks to be completed each daythe staff were always very friendly and helpful and made work a fun place to be

given the opportunity i would love to work for the company again

just don't bother. huge workload with no reward. Managers are only looking out for their own interests and don't worry about the stress that employees are put under from the massive volume of calls.


huge workload, poorly trained managers.

Its a great place to learn but promotion difficult as goes by board not on merit, Great canteen and shop but can be expensive. On site parking if your very very very very lucky but shuttle bus from off site parking. Flexi time is handy but can also bight if you go too far into it.


Progression fustrating

inputting clients medical history on to the data base, and up dating there medical history so it doesn't affect the customers right to hold a drivers licence.

Securing and removal of untaxed vehicles on public highways and public car parks,learning how to identify and process untaxed vehicles, locations and removal and securing of such vehicles. We have a good team management including, enabling us to reach our targets and beyond up to the bonus each month.The hardest part of our job is the conflict,which on occasion we do have to get police involvement.

The most enjoyable part of the job is meeting targets/bonus a good day for all the staff.


max bonus of up to £300.00 monthly

Not for me, constantly sat behind a computer speaking over the phone. Although do not mind corresponding over the phone, the day to day work was very boring.

Job involved taking inbound calls from the public who seemed to be always angry i was constantly sworn at, most callers couldnt even speak english properly. Driving licence processing department were always making mistakes i saw a mans photo on a womans licence, spelling mistakes etc. Many callers complained that the DVLA had lost their ID documents such as passports, birth/marriage certificates. Each month 6 randomly selected calls that you had taken would be scored, you were even monitored on how long you took for a toilet break talk about big brother watching you. Every week you worked different hours the worst shift was 10.30-7pm & you were expected to work saturdays with little notice. Taking holidays was very hard you had to book months in advance. The systems used to hold data were archaic and often went down leading customers to become even angrier. My line manager couldnt even spell and favoured male employees. I would warn anyone thinking of taking a job there to avoid the place it was terrible mainly due to the mistakes being made by the processing department who were based in a different building and could not be contacted by the general public.

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