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Hourly - Expert ($$$) - Est. Time: More than 6 months, Less than 10 hrs/week -Posted The type of jobs that maybe needed are: - Developing formulations - Research - Science based content & copy writing - Advisory Our Company: We are a new premium organic herbal supplements brand and our aim is to establish ourselves as a leading destination focused on healthy well-being through herbal & natural solutions including a healthynutritionallifestyle, supplements and fitness with a strong emphasis on ancient medicine such as Ayurveda , traditional Chinese medicine, herbalism, yoga & meditation. Skills: Nutrition Chemistry Dietetics Medical Writing Hourly - Intermediate ($$) - Est. Time: Less than 1 week, 10-30 hrs/week -Posted Hi there, I am looking to have a dietitian put together some recipes for me that will be the basis of my diet. I have hard setnutritionallimitations and am hoping you can create meals for me that fit the mold. Skills: Nutrition Dietetics Hourly - Intermediate ($$) - Est. Time: More than 6 months, 10-30 hrs/week -Posted We are looking for a nutritionist to review healthy focused online products. They will be supplements and packaged food designed to improve consumers health. We are looking for someone to write detailed descriptions of how they product can be beneficial to health conscious consumers. It will be an ongoing project. We expect do about one per week, hopefully more. it will not be evenly distributed over time. There may be 3 one week and none the next. Please provide examples of any work that you have done that you feel would be applicable. Skills: Nutrition Content Writing EHealth Fixed-Price - Intermediate ($$) - Est. Budget:$1,500-Posted The source can´t be a blogg post but rather come from anutritionaldatabase or a research paper. You will get the list of the ingredients from us in an excel file and fill up the two other columns. Skills: Nutrition Copywriting Hourly - Expert ($$$) - Est. Time: 1 to 3 months, Less than 10 hrs/week -Posted I need an infusionsoft expert to create the campaigns listed below. the campaigns below are for a cleaning company. Opt-In Campaign: Keep your prospect funnel full with this optional lead capture campaign. Includes a webform for your website, a valuable lead magnet and automated email follow up. New Prospect Manual Entry Campaign: Provides fast and efficient intake for new prospects and initiates automated communication with your office staff. Includes automation for following up with cold prospects with a ‘shock and awe’ gift. Quote Campaign: Makes onsite quoting easy with online web forms to record job details. Automatically distributes information to appropriate staff and kicks off powerful, ongoing follow up communication with the prospect. Kick-Butt Quote Campaign (Contract/Ongoing Work): Your quoted prospects will be well taken care of as this intake campaign gathers job details, sends the quote automatically and nurtures the prospect with phone calls, testimonials and ‘temperature checks.’ Power Follow-Up Campaign: Every prospect gets your undivided attention with this multi-faceted prospect nurture and tracking campaign. Utilizes phone calls, direct mail, gifts, emails, objection handling, FAQ’s and urgency to compel your prospects to choose you over your competition. Wow & How New Contract Campaign (One Off): One off customers will never fall through the cracks with this campaign. Welcome your new customers, introduce them to their cleaners, and check in with them frequently via cards, phone calls and referral requests – all powered by automation. We Got It Campaign (One-Off): Streamlines the administrative process of setting up a new one off customer and the assigned cleaner. Gather required documents and agreements effortlessly. Quality Control Visit Campaign: Maintain tight control over the quality of the work done on job sites with this campaign. Stay on top of non-conformance issues and communicate with appropriate personnel to expedite corrections. Lost Prospect Re-Engagement Campaign: Track lost prospects and initiate re-engagement with those prospects you want to win back, while tactfully parting ways with those who are not ideal for your business. plus… Kick-Butt Quote Campaign (One Off Work): One-off jobs are a breeze with this smart campaign. Just tick off the required jobs on the webform and your customer immediately receives a customized quote via email while your office staff receives internal instructions to process the job. Contract Tweaking Campaign: This smart campaign simplifies the meticulous process of making adjustments to contracts. What used to be an administrative nightmare now runs itself with flawless precision. Manage Your Risks Campaign: Keep your staff protected in unsafe work environments with evaluation forms and automatically monitor working conditions and staff qualification levels. Compliance Control Campaign: From subcontractor agreements to site specification forms to payroll tax details, this campaign tames the paperwork monster by simplifying and streamlining the compliance requirements for your company. Long Term Nurture: Stay top-of-mind for your prospects until they are ready to buy. This campaign uses a powerful combination of strategically timed emails and direct mail pieces to keep in touch with future customers. Would You Refer Us? Campaign: Create revenue-generating referrals and gather valuable feedback with this elegant yet simple

campaign that gives your customers chance to let their voices be heard. Customer Satisfaction Survey: Quarterly temperature checks are easy with this campaign. Using a combination of automatic emails and feedback webforms, you’ll keep close tabs on your customers’ level of satisfaction with your services. Onboard New Employee/Subcontractor: Grow your dream team with ease with this campaign. Deliver contracts to new subcontractors and employees, track their compliance, and send handbooks and welcome kits Skills: Nutrition Blog Writing Content Writing Dietetics Fixed-Price - Intermediate ($$) - Est. Budget:$40-Posted Creating Level 1 content for a website/blog: Need writer who is well versed innutritionto create articles on the following: 1. Low Carbohydrate living 2. Skills: Nutrition Article Rewriting Blog Writing Data Science Fixed-Price - Intermediate ($$) - Est. Budget:$130-Posted At the beginning of each recipe have - The recipe photo (get it from the recipe's original source) - A brief introduction, 2 lines or so, - Yield - Time taken At the bottom of each recipe include; - TheNutritionalInformation - A link to the original recipe (this is for review purposes). Skills: Nutrition Content Writing Cooking Creative Writing Fixed-Price - Expert ($$$) - Est. Budget:$300-Posted I am looking for a small eBook that ties withnutrition , fitness and healthy living on Kindle. It will have a small plan and guideline on how to eat clean, exercise and change life habits to live a good life. Skills: Nutrition Content Writing Creative Writing eBook Writing Fixed-Price - Intermediate ($$) - Est. Budget:$70-Posted We would like to produce an Ebook to hand out to our customers. We sell Moringa Products. We are in the health and wellness industry. The book must be proof-read and contain proper grammar and spelling. Should also be a high quality book and provide well researched information. Some of the research will already be provided. Skills: Nutrition Article Writing Content Writing Copywriting Fixed-Price - Expert ($$$) - Est. Budget:$1,000-Posted Looking for a fitness writer who has plenty of writing experience writing about fitness topics, specifically fitness gear. Your job will be to write high quality, huge fitness 'Best of' articles. Most of these articles will be about 5000-7000 words and involve hours of research on your part. We are not looking for simple fluff articles that rewrite product descriptions in a randomly assorted 'best list'. The idea is to put together highly comprehensive, research-backed best lists in the style of or You will detail 5-6 of the best sports products for a specific category of sports/workout/training gear. For example, here are some of the best list topics you might be asked to write top list on: best workout bags, best weightlifting shoes, best shoes for crossfit, best compression shirts, best yoga mats). Each selection will be made after lots of research and cover a specific category (best budget pick, best overall pick, best features, best alternative pick, runner up, etc). Format You'll introduce the product category, explain what it is, and write a detailed buyers guide (what to look for, best features to look for, how to choose the best product, etc). You'll then give a selection of the best products in that category. Every product pick will be about 500-700 words and you'll explain WHY THE PRODUCT IS THE BEST and who it best suits. For an example of the expected format, see THIS: You'll be writing a similar style format for the best lists! It will likely take you hours and hours to write these lists. If you think you can sit down and crank out such a list in an hour, don't apply for this job. I expect serious quality here and you'll be putting in a day or two to write & research these lists properly. Each list will be about 5000-10,000 words. You'll be paid $15 per 1000 words. So a 5,000 word best list, you will be paid $75 USD and for a 10,000 word article, you'll be paid $150 USD. For a 7000 word article, you'll be paid $105. You'll be given stable and consistent work, however. I need somewhere between 20 to 60 lists written, so if you get this job and you prove yourself capable of writing high quality, compelling best lists about the topics, you can expect MONTHS of part time work totaling several thousand dollars (2,000-5,000 USD). These lists will be going on a quality fitness/sports/training website, so you need to be first and foremost and outstanding writer. I'm not looking for sloppy writing. Your best list picks must be very knowledgable and very well written! Because the products will be related to training / weight lifting / cross fit / exercise, I'm looking for people who are personally experienced in this field. I want experts who know a lot about the topic because they themselves train, not just a random writer who never goes to the gym or had never been to crossfit or touched a weight before writing best lists about topics! Skills: Nutrition Article Writing Content Writing Internet Research

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