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Selective Corporate Credits: Interviews Brian M. Robertson

When it comes to strategic income, investors tend to seek a balance between well-researched selectivity and diversification. In this recent article, Brian Robertson of Pacific Asset Management discusses his team’s process for constructing a diversified portfolio.

Pacific Funds℠ Evaluates Federal Open Market Committee Comments

December 2016

Pacific Funds℠ portfolio managers discuss key points from the press release and projection materials distributed following the December 2016 meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee.

Under Control: How a Disciplined Approach Can Keep Investors Focused

December 2016

Behavioral tendencies have been shown to have severe consequences for investors' portfolios. While behavioral modifications can help, we believe a

risk-controlled approach to investing may help investors overcome traditional behavioral decisions that often lead to underperformance.

Laboring Over Rates

October 2016

Decisions at the Federal Reserve have wide-ranging implications for investors across the globe. When Federal Reserve Board Chair Janet Yellen presides at the Federal Open Market Committee meetings in November and December, she will face a difficult decision on whether to raise interest rates.

The New Conundrum

September 2016

A year into the Federal Reserve’s (Fed) 2004-2006 tightening cycle, Treasury yields were moving lower in spite of the Fed raising the Fed Funds target rate. Today, Fed Chair Janet Yellen is faced with a new conundrum.

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