Jobs as Insurance Advisor in Exide Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

1.How can I become an Exide Life Insurance Advisor?

You can get in touch with any of our branch offices who would be glad to explain and facilitate your joining Exide Life Insurance as our financial Advisor. In order to facilitate this process, regular seminars on the existing Business Opportunity are conducted at our branches and we strongly recommend you to attend such sessions. To help us initiate a discussion with you, we request you to fill the "Become an Advisor" form o ...n our website.

2. What are the eligibility criteria for becoming an Exide Life Insurance Advisor?

If you are a graduate with 25 years or more of age, willing to invest your time and have an ambition to earn unlimited money, please contact at our nearest branch office and we would be glad to explain and facilitate your joining as a financial Advisor. We also invite housewives, self-employed individuals or retired personnel to join us by becoming an Exide Life Insurance Advisor.

3. What is the process followed to become an Exide Life Insurance Advisor?

Once you have submitted the application form along with required documents, a Unique Reference Number is created for registering your application. We shall then intimate you the dates for a 9 day training program conducted at our branch office which is mandatory to attend as per IRDA regulations. Upon completion of this mandatory training, you will have to appear and pass the Pre-Licensing exam to get

a license from IRDA along with an Advisor code from Exide Life Insurance.

4. What is the validity of license?

Your License remains valid for 3 years after which it has to be renewed every 3 years. For renewing your license, you have to complete a 25 hour of training module as prescribed by IRDA. However at Exide Life Insurance we shall help and facilitate you in completing this training at ease.

5. Do I need to have a financial services background in order to become an Exide Life Insurance Advisor?

It is not necessary to have a financial services background. Your success will depend on your efforts and Exide Life Insurance will continuously help and support you in building your skill and knowledge.

6. I have never sold an insurance policy, how will I be able to sell?

Our robust training programs imparted by a team of dedicated trainers are established to build your business and make you a master seller of insurance over a period of time.

7. Is becoming an Advisor with Exide Life Insurance a long term opportunity?

Yes, at Exide Life Insurance we strongly believe in having an everlasting association with all our financial Advisors. After serving the required number of years as a financial Advisor, the regulations allow you to earn yearly renewal commissions for life. The Advisor career at Exide Life Insurance helps you build a business which you can pass to your future generations as a legacy.

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