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Our Insight Community Panels are award-winning, custom-built, online research communities in Singapore, Indonesia and Australia. This group of tech-savvy consumers provide insights that can be used in the development of new products and services and for refining marketing communications. Unlike competing services, results are delivered in days rather than weeks.

Unrivalled size

Each survey can be sent to up to 1000 panel members of the client’s choice.

Expert assistance

DataSpark’s experts can provide assistance with the formulation of questions and the structure of surveys.

Rapid results

Results are presented with a breakdown and analysis of responses in a matter of days, compared to the weeks that conventional consumer surveys take.

Additional insights

A further advantage is the additional insights that DataSpark can provide by combining panel members’ answers with knowledge gained from analysis of panel members’ use of their mobile phones and digital TV service.

Respondents all agree to have data gathered from their mobile phones and their use of the mio TV service. This data is correlated with their

responses to survey questions to help validate those responses.

Individual privacy protected

All personal data used in DataSpark services is encrypted, anonymised and aggregated to ensure compliance with SingTel’s data governance framework and with Singapore’s Personal Data Privacy Act.

Powerful synergies

Survey results can be combined with other DataSpark services like GeoAnalytics for more powerful insights. For example GeoAnalytics can provide details on traffic around a shopping mall and the Panel can provide insights into purchasing behaviours, making for a holistic view of consumers.

An unrivalled resource

The Panel can provide unrivalled insights into the preferences and views of consumers: what they buy, what they watch, where they, shop, where they eat.

It’s a valuable resource for any business that serves the consumer market or that needs to understand it. And its value is enhanced by the expertise and experience of DataSpark’s team of data scientists, on hand to structure and formulate questionnaires and analyse responses to enable clients to get the best possible insights from the panel.

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