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Nordstrom was a excellent company to work for, the management was very helpful and assisted you whenever possible. This was a seasonal position my only regret was that the job ended. My position entailed assisting online Customers with their shopping needs and filling their orders including packaging labeling, shipping and receiving. The culture was very upbeat and the employees worked together to assist one another in completing tasks. It was my pleasure to have worked there.

customer service is top notch. You have duties in the morning for openers and closers. Your responsibilities are not always the same. You take charge and do what needs to be done if another co worker didn't or couldn't do his/her duties. Always smiling and helping the customer with whatever they need from start to finish. Cleaning is a must and everyone helps each other out to make the work floor pleasing to the customer.

I loved working for Nordstrom! So fun and everyone I worked for and with was great! Hardest part of the job was that to truly be good at it, the job required effort and time outside of work.

Store pep rally to drive the store goals and come together expressing better ways to give our consumers the best customer service possible.Start our day getting our daily sales goals and from there its on you to show your customer why you are the perfect fit to help them and why Nordstrom a valuable place to shop. Throughout the day make sure the work environment is up to part.Contact your clients to ensure repeat customers.

Stay smiling and proactive!

Fun workplace. Plenty of opportunities for advancement provided your manager supports it. Meaning the managers only pick and choose who they want to promote. Besides that nice work environment.

A typical day at work revolved around working in an fast pace environment while being able to maintain sales, inventory and customer service. The hardest part of the job was time management but I mastered that ability within the first 2 weeks. The most enjoyable party of the job is generating sales and watching your numbers go up for the pay period. Showing where you started in the pay period and how you progressed.


Great work environment

Fast paced and focused on selling and moving products. Driven to meet daily sales quotas but also help each customer find everything that they came in to shop for. Most of the teams are really friendly and helpful but it can get really busy during sales and on weekends. This is mostly a good thing unless you are first starting out with no experience, but they do a good job preparing you for what you have to deal with.

Retail can be a very hard job because you work all types of hours. However, Nordstrom focused on their customers which was a great thing about working there.

The work hours were usually full days. Example: 1:30 - 10:30. Managers were not really willing to work with your personal schedule and they did not promote growth within the company.

Very fun place to work!! If you enjoy a nice discount, and awesome managers this is the place for you!! The coworkers are great, and was an awesome first job for me!!

A typical day

at Nordstrom would include fulfilling all requested orders, maintaining stock and the available merchandise and tidying up my section. I personally believe that better management needs to be adjusted as well as better training. Workplace culture can be stressful but one should definitely learn to not let everything bother them. I really enjoy my coworkers and we all seem to get a long very well. The hardest part of the job would be dealing with Nordstrom's return policy and poor management.


Free merchandise, fun raffles

Nordstrom is a really good company that gives a great customer service experience and does helps to develop each employee skills on their own. One of the greatest things I have learned so far is to give a great customer service experience to every person and customer that comes inside the store. On the other hand they have a really good communication openness between managers and employees.


Great benefits like health insurance and paid time off.

I believe that it was all about timing. Because I opened the first Nordstrom in Hawaii. Nordstrom hired a lot of people and laid off 1/3 within the first 2-3 months. The expectation back then for employees were to dress a certain way which was out of my budget. The work hours were some times not worth the gas, traffic and time.
It was a dog eat dog world and just not for me.

Working at Nordstrom can be very rewarding and stressful at the same time. A typical day your require to do stock work at the beginning of your shift. Then phone calls and emails to follow up with your customers. After that its time to fish for customers because you have to make your sales goals. The environment is very competitive which makes it stressful at times. The best part of my job is assisting customers and making them happy.


Pay, flexible schedule


High turn over, working nights and weekends, straight commission

My store didn't hire new people for months after many people left putting the work load on who ever was there. Can be a lot of work with massive amounts of go backs, but pay is better than most places. Pay increases with number of hours worked. It all depends on store manger and department mangers personality.


party's, giveaways, pay, discount


late markdowns, few employees, massive amounts of go backs

Very modern fun, it all depends on what sales for you decide to work for, others make money year round while others depends on the timing, it is very common not to reach a sales goal.

I work in a fast paced, fun and productive environment. I appreciate the support I receive from fellow employees and management staff.

great company to work for but retail hours just don't work. i sell men's clothes. the managers are great and so are all the employees.

Nordstrom is a company that you will love working for , the lay is great it's a challenging job but if you love working a fast paced environment then Nordstrom is the place for you


The lounge is mind blowing

Promotes from within. Commission sales. Hard work but company promotes relatively quickly. Retail requires availability nights and weekends. Diverse working environment.

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