Help! Which hotel is best?

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“Angkor Wat is an absolute must I would suggest getting a 3 day ticket which now costs $62 (price increased from 1st February 2017) but can used within 10 days. Popping to the Old Market is nice but tiring everyone wants to sell you something!!”

“This is the City you should visiting when you are in Cambodia. Angie Wat Temple”

“Very lively city with good food

and a top location for visiting the incredible Angkor Wat temples, the Tonle Sap lake and the beautiful country side.”

“Great for short stay for visiting temples, some shopping at markets and night life. Apart from that couple of things more to do. Nice local people, but sometimes annoying when try to sell you something. A little bit expensive for the country level (comparing for example with Bangkok).”

“Temples & temples during the day time And food & drinks during the night!”


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