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Financial planner Job Skills

Financial planners, sometimes called financial consultants or financial advisers, help people to choose the right investments, insurance policies, and loans. These professionals work with many types of finances and may focus on one type of financial consulting, such as retirement planning.

To be successful as a financial planner, knowledge of finance and the investment industry is only one part of the job. Financial planners must also be good salespeople, as they often need to present the benefits and disadvantages of different financial products and options to clients. Networking skills are also important, as many financial planners develop a client base through events, seminars, and existing business connections.

Financial Planner Job Education Requirements

No specific educational requirements exist for financial planner jobs, but professionals in this industry generally have a college degree in finance, accounting, or a similar field. The right degree and job experience are key to performing financial

services well.

Financial Planner Job Market

Some financial planners decide to start a career in financial planning after working in the business environment for several years as an accountant, a financial analyst, or a tax lawyer. In order to find success as a financial planner in Canada, professionals must become Certified Financial Planners or receive a similar regional certification.

Financial planners face a better job market in areas with a high gross domestic product (GDP) per capita, such as Calgary, and in cities with growing economies, such as Toronto. However, these larger markets also mean financial planners face more competition in procuring new clients.

Financial Planner Job Salary Information

The median hourly rate for financial planners in Canada is C$29.38. Financial planners in Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan fare better than the median, with hourly rates above C$30. Ontario and Quebec fall shortly below average, with hourly rates of C$28.85 and C$27.80.

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