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Civilian Police Advisors reflect the complete range of law enforcement responsibilities. Work typically involves assessing, monitoring, advising and mentoring the local civil police in order to ensure that law and order are maintained effectively and impartially according to democratic policing principles to ensure that human rights and fundamental freedoms are fully protected.


Police training (basic, advanced and specialized), police mentoring, specialized units (swat, riot control), border enforcement, crimes against persons and property, criminal investigations, crime scene investigations, traffic accident investigations, civil disorder, law enforcement intelligence, narcotic and homicide investigations, customs, internal investigations, financial crimes investigations, witness security and protection.


As a Police Advisor I and expert in your field, you may be involved in performing the full range of law enforcement and police training and mentors to instruct local police officers in areas that include; police patrol operations, police ethics, investigative methods and techniques, responding to calls, enforcing traffic laws, issuing citations, apprehending violators and preparing and submitting reports of patrol activities. As a Police Advisor you may also

be required to assess training needs and programs in order to propose new courses and identify resources to implement new courses. You may also be required to develop curriculum and instruct in classroom or field setting in the knowledge, techniques and procedures necessary to execute the duties of police functions. Police advisors may also be called upon to mentor and interact with host nation law enforcement organizations on the full range of law enforcement responsibilities and capabilities.

In addition to the minimum requirements, Level I Police Advisors must:

  • Be a certified police instructor or trainer, accredited by a US, state, county, local or municipal law enforcement training facility.
  • Have patrol officer experience.
  • Have the ability and desire to work overseas.


Valuable experience and critical skills which you can bring back to your work here in the United States and an insight into the effectiveness of a criminal justice system in developing democratic societies.

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