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The rich feature palette is one of the strong points of PC Health Advisor, as the software comes with more options than traditional registry cleaner software. We were pleased to see how detailed the program is and how it allows you full customization of your preferred settings. As aforementioned, you can schedule registry and other scans, disk defragment events and even customize your home page icons for better accessibility. You tick whatever items you want to be scanned or not, as this can later increase or decrease the scan time. The general settings page will let you know that, by default, the program creates restore points before fixing any items, a very useful and lifesaver feature since messing with your machine’s registry can bring harmful consequences. Nonetheless, if you’re not interested in this, just tick it off.

There is also the Startup Manager feature that allows manual choice of enabling/disabling any startup items that could be dragging your computer speed to the ground as soon as you turn it on, while the Process Manager will give you a clearer insight into your CPU performance and what processes are active, the memory they’re using and how threatening they are.


To start things off, we didn’t enable or disable any of the default settings and the results were beyond acceptable. As you know this is a relative analysis as the scanning time will vary between users’ devices, as the “heavier” your computer is the longer such analysis will take and the error probability will also be depending on your own personal use. Regardless, PC Health Advisor took 4 minutes and 11 seconds to find 709 items between registry issues, personal privacy files and startup processes that are likely to deserve nothing more than extermination.

Results are coherent as a second run on the same settings without any fixes, discovered exactly the same amount of errors with a difference of only a couple of seconds. Also, test number three with more settings enabled found more errors but, as expected, it also took more time. Nevertheless, all of them have run smoothly and without any major CPU usage.


Repairing the issues was as easy as detecting them, but here PC Health Advisor brings a cool feature. To our surprise and delight, after you’re done scanning you have the chance of getting an in-depth analysis of what errors were found and, as easy as playing with the settings, you can edit the error list for what you want to be fixed/removed. This is very useful and important, as deleting the slightest detail, especially in the registry, can turn your computer into junk. Thankfully, if you happen to do this by accident or unconsciously, there is also the restore point for each item you delete which means that, at the start, you won’t have any trouble using this software to clean those dusty files off your computer that you forgot were there in the first place.

After you chose what exactly you want to fix or delete, going ahead and clicking the Fix All button (it is also possible to individually fix the registry errors, privacy files, etc.) will wipe all junk off your computer within minutes. This also depends from computer to computer and in our test run it

took about half the scanning time to complete. After the repair you’ll be informed that a computer restart is required for such changes to take effect.


PC Health Advisor’s pricing range depends on the number of licenses as well as the duration of your subscription. Regarding the licenses, you can choose between one, three or five computers and subscription periods of 6 months, 1 year or 2 years. With this being said, the lowest price you can obtain the service for is $24.97 for 6 months, something like $2.08 per month, for one computer. The more you add, either a longer subscription time or a larger number of licenses, the bigger your discount. Therefore, a two-year subscription for 5 computers will cost you $199.97 in total, or just $1.66 per month per computer, representing a 60% discount in comparison to the first one. The same period of time for 3 computers costs $134.97 or, in other words, a 55% price discount.

In addition to free scans, you also have a 30-day money back guarantee on all paid licenses. You can pay using credit cards or PayPal, with your online transactions protected with 128-bit SSL standards.

Customer Service

Because a software company cannot simply be known just for its products, it is essential that it provides good customer support. PC Health Advisor surely delivers as the company behind it puts at your disposal many contact methods. You can go all traditional and opt for the standard e-mail or help over the phone (this one is toll-free in North America), or you can use the newer forms of getting in touch via Facebook and Twitter, as the company presents you active and updated pages on those social networks where your questions will be answered in less than 24 hours.

Last but not least, honorable mentions to the very extensive FAQ pages for each service offered by ParetoLogic that dare you to visit it and leave without an answer to your questions.

Bottom Line

To conclude, the feeling we get when we close the PC Health Advisor client is that it gives us a pleasant experience. The program does well right out of the box, and invites you to play with the settings, even if you’re not very keen on doing this, so you can find your own way of suitably using it. We definitely appreciated the fact that they leave it up to you if you want to fully customize the entire program or go with the general scan details and schedule options. The little detail of the main dashboard customization is another interesting feature that we wouldn’t miss if it wasn’t there really, but the fact that it is shows how dedicated the service is in pleasing you and giving you total control of your actions. As a downside we can only point to the fact that it is Windows exclusive, although a partner company offers similar software for Mac users. On a final note we’ll only say that this is PC optimization software that will get the job done while it teaches your way around things.

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