If you want the confidence of knowing you will change your clients' lives for the better by the quality of the service you provide, this is the qualification that will help you create that difference.  It's your route to building long term relationships with clients based on trust. Get that right and clients are not only willing to pay for such a service but also to refer you to their friends and colleagues.

You'll need to meet theentry requirements,  but CFP CMcertification, the only globally recognised mark of excellence in Financial Planning, should be your goal. To get there, you'll need to achieve FPSB UK's Diploma in Financial Planning. It's much more than a degree level qualification. Yes it is challenging, however it shows you a highly effective way of doing business. Having the qualification and meeting IFP's requirements mean you can use the CFP marks, which will set you apart as one of the leading Financial Planners in the UK and globally. 

Becoming a CFP professional means you'll have the skills to increase your profitability, client retention and job satisfaction. But don't take our word for it, hear what CFP professionals have got to say about it. Just watch this short video to find out how

Success in the Diploma means you're eligible to join the 1,000 CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER CM  professionals in the UK and be part of a global community of 153,000 Financial Planning professionals. The FPSB UK Diploma in Financial Planning is your route to becoming a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER CM  Professional in the UK,

as well as meeting the necessary experience requirements. 

What's involved in the Diploma in Financial Planning - your route to CFP Certification in the UK 

The FPSB UK Diploma in Financial Planning is a level 6 qualification recognised by Ofqual.  It represents a challenging test of your technical ability by examination, but also assesses how well you can apply this knowledge in order to produce an effective financial plan - i.e. your planning skills. It's  based on the Financial Planner Competency Profile developed by FPSB. You can check the Ofqual Register here. In order to achieve the Diploma, two assessment components must be passed.

Following successful completion, you can apply to the IFP to become a CFP Professional and use the CFP marks subject to certain criteria being met.  

The Diploma in Financial Planning is a QCF Level 6 qualification. It has a recommended study, research and preparation time of between 400 and 800 study hours.  You should not underestimate the time or effort required to obtain the Diploma, in particular that which is required to produce a Financial Plan that meets the assessment standards.  The assessment standards can be found in the Certification handbook and candidates are advised to study them carefully.    

" I have passed numerous professional exams over the years but the CFPCM qualification stands head and shoulders above them all in terms of value to myself, my business and most importantly my clients too. " Alan Dick CFPCM, Forty Two Wealth Management, Glasgow.   

Watch the latest video from FPSB about becoming a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM professional.

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