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A team of physicians and analysts at Memorial Sloan Kettering has been “training” IBM Watson for more than a year to develop a tool that can help medical professionals choose the best treatment plans for individual cancer patients.

Watson Oncology is a cognitive computing system designed to support the broader oncology community of physicians as they consider treatment options with their patients. Memorial Sloan Kettering clinicians and analysts are partnering with IBM to train Watson Oncology to interpret cancer patients’ clinical information and identify individualized, evidence-based treatment options that leverage our specialists’ decades of experience and research.

As Watson Oncology’s teacher, we are advancing our mission by creating a powerful resource that will help inform treatment decisions for those who may not have access to a specialty center like MSK. With Watson Oncology, we believe we can decrease the amount of time it takes for the latest research and evidence to influence clinical practice across the broader oncology community, help physicians synthesize available information, and improve patient care.

Each year we care for more

than 130,000 people with cancer, contribute to premier oncology organizations, and lead groundbreaking clinical trials. Our subspecialized oncologists are applying their unique expertise — integrating the latest published research with decades of longitudinal data into clinical practice — to teach Watson Oncology.

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IBM Watson is defining the field of cognitive computing. Its core capabilities — reading natural language, evaluating cases with evolving machine-learned models, and rapidly processing large volumes of data — are being leveraged to help address some of the challenges facing oncologists today.

By combining our world-renowned cancer expertise with the capabilities of IBM Watson, Watson Oncology will offer oncologists and people with cancer individualized treatment options that are informed by medical evidence and our highly specialized experience. Since Watson Oncology is a learning system, we have a unique opportunity to continually improve it based on users’ experiences.

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