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    Visit our cutting-edge showroom
    for the best deals on top brands.

    Celebrating our 35th year!

    We will never be undersold!

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    We sell 4K Ultra HDTV's!

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    Explore your Space.

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    Bowers & Wilkins has to offer!

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    What's in Your Music Room?

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    The Standard for
    Audio Performance & Reliability

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If you’re looking for great sound from the best components and speakers available today, then stop by our showroom and experience true high performance audio. We carry Bowers & Wilkins, McIntosh, Audio Research, Rotel, Meridian, Wilson Audio, and more. Sit back, listen, and hear music like you’ve never heard it before!

Your audio/video components need a place to be stored and displayed. We carry the best in a/v entertainment furniture brands such as BDI, Salamander, and more! These pieces of furniture not only have aesthetic appeal but also are often ventilated and built specifically for the long-term care and performance of your equipment.

No matter how big your home theater or how tuned your music room, it all comes down to how the sound and picture is getting to your components. We stock the best wires and accessories available from Transparent Audio, Audioquest, RTI, and more. Visit our showroom and see how to get the best sound and picture possible!

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    I installed the custom cabling you put together for me.

    Fantastic improvement! I had some old 16 gauge

    wire running from the Marantz unit to the speakers

    and what a difference. Having not changed anything

    anything the cabling, I can definitely hear cleaner

    mids and treble. Can’t wait to put some clean power

    behind them! Thanks so much! -Chris

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    The new grills for my

    Wilson Audio Sasha Series - 2

    speakers look great!

    Thanks again for

    the recommendation.


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    Every time I now listen to music in my home,

    I momentarily think and say to myself

    "Thank you Rudi" for the patience and direction.

    Thanks again and again,


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    Hey Rudi, man the TV is just awesome!

    I'm amazed how great it plays. Thank you for helping

    me design a sound system that didn't cost me a

    fortune yet makes me smile everytime I turn it on.

    Thanks for looking out for me I appreciate it.

    Danny Villablanca

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    Quality, Wait Time, Customer Service

    “Simon, the Audio Advisor Tech, is a real Professional

    and a terrific asset to your Company.”

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    Once again you saved us! Thank you so much.

    Bari and I appreciate you and your company

    tremendously. Billy was awesome!

    I hope you have a great day.

    Regards, Randy Levitt

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