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     º  Popularity for Top 1000 Names for Babies Born in 2013
Jacob and Michael have held the top spot since 1960, but a new name tops the Social Security Administration's 2013 list for boys' names while Sophia remains the top name for girls. See the most popular names for boys and girls in the United States for 2013.
     º  2014 Baby Name Predictions - 5 Trends Moms Can't Avoid
2013 was definitely a banner year for outrageous baby names. 2014 is shaping up to be the year that pushes the boundaries of what was previously considered "normal" though. As parents strive to distinguish their children from peers, social baby naming website, Belly Ballot is predicting some shocking New Year's trends.
     º  Featured Baby Names
We've just posted three new featured names . . . Rachael Shelby, Rome Anastasia, and Teaghan Rose. Find out how their parents came up with their lovely names. Would you like

to tell us about YOUR baby's name? How did you find it, what does it mean, does it have special significance, etc? Submit your story and perhaps it (and your baby's name!) will be chosen as a StorkNet featured name!

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     º  5-Star Baby Name Advisor by Bruce Lansky
The 5-Star Baby Name Advisor is not like the typical dictionary-style baby name book. You won't find 100,000+ plus names with a brief meaning. Instead, you'll find 1750 of the most popular names that are actually rated based on six factors: first impression, gender association, popularity and trend, spelling, pronunciation and versatility. In true Baby Name Guru Bruce Lansky form, StorkNet gives the 5-Star Baby Name Advisor two thumbs up!

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