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Before you begin filling out the application, please read this section thoroughly for eligibility requirements, training, time commitments, and other important points about the position. If you are given an interview, you will be expected to be familiar with all aspects of the position.

The New Student Advisor - Gold position works directly with incoming first-year and transfer students during the sessions, providing individual counseling, facilitating discussions, and making workshop presentations. The Golds are assigned groups for each session, and are responsible for introducing new students to all the services and academic opportunities available at UCLA. Specifically:

I. Act as an advisor to an assigned group of new students during New Student Orientation sessions. II. Act as a trained listener to help students clarify educational goals and objectives, personal concerns, and alternative solutions to possible dilemmas. III. Assess student readiness to pursue certain academic directions and particular courses. IV. Familiarize students with academic requirements, college rules and regulations, scholarship requirements and degree requirements. V. Suggest courses and class sequences to balance academic loads and to enhance learning. VI. Counsel students about classes and majors including prerequisite and/or preparation requirements, course/major content, and performance expectations. VII. Advise students on graduate and professional schools goals. VIII. Introduce and instruct students on various online resources, including registration and enrollment, degree information, and on-campus resources. IX. Describe the classroom experience for a UCLA student (e.g., the professor's role, lecture and discussion section activities, etc.). X. Share methods of maintaining motivation and interest necessary for achievement and for resolving potential conflicts between course requirements and other aspects of the student experience that consume time and energy. XI. Discuss the need to balance academic demands with social and recreational interests, personal responsibilities, and family obligations. XII. Describe opportunities for service and personal involvement within the campus community, and how to use student services on campus. XIII. Plan and present workshops to address new students' needs and interests. XIV. Discuss the idea of a liberal arts education and how the degree and post-graduate plans can be met within realistic student expectations. XV. Increase student confidence and help them overcome possible feelings of doubt. XVI. Describe pressures and sources of anxieties in the college experience and discuss personal experiences in resolving those conflicts (e.g., parental pressures, performance anxiety, career and major indecision, etc.). XVII. Act as a responsible member of the program; express opinions for improvements as appropriate and follow through with the administration's goals and programmatic decisions. Work professionally and

responsibly as part of a team as well as on individual projects. XVIII. Act as an ambassador for the University and answer inquiries at yield events such as UCLA Bruin Day. XIX. When available, assist in transition programs such as True Bruin Welcome Week, Orientation Part 2, Bruin Next Steps, and New Student Mentoring Program (Fall and Winter quarter events) XX. Call incoming students to congratulate then on their admission to UCLA, address any of their initial concerns, answer questions regarding dates and deadlines, and provide general information about campus services. Required: a minimum of 21 hours during Spring Quarter.

XXI. Conduct tours of the campus.

Eligibility Requirements

1. AT THE TIME OF APPLICATION (Winter 2017), it is preferred that you have:

  • Sophomore standing (45 units - not including AP work) or higher
  • One year of college experience (after high school) and at least one quarter completed at UCLA
  • Good academic standing at UCLA (no probation or STD) and be currently enrolled as an undergraduate student at UCLA
  • A preferred cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher

2. You must be able to complete all commitments to Spring Quarter training, training week, retreat and all sessions during the summer (see the dates above and the summer calendar).

3. You must be able to live in the program's designated residence hall from June 27 - September 18, 2017.

4. You must be willing to work long, irregular hours (including weekends and evenings).A limited number of flexible positions may be available which would allow you to either miss a week or leave the program early (eg. a family vacation or starting a graduate program or EAP). To be considered for these positions, you must indicate these possible commitments on your application under the GOLD APPLICANTS. All other applicants will be hired to work all student sessions.


You will paid for all your time in Spring Training (part-time) and summer counseling (full-time). The total approximate amount will be $6,100 (gross - before taxes) plus room and board for the summer.

FAQs about the position

Link to New Student Advisor Application -Please note: You will be able to type your answers directly onto the application. Once you're done please print it out and drop your application off at our office. If you apply for Blue and Gold positions, please print one application for each position.

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