Coloured Pencil for the Serious Beginner

Colored Pencil for the Serious Beginner

A 144-page paperback book by Bet Borgeson.

A sophisticated primer that blends colored pencil techniques with timeless art principles. A book rich with colourful drawings, illustrations, and clearly presented demonstrations by Borgeson. Its concepts and artwork will provide new respect for this exciting medium. And for those aiming at a fulfilling career in fine art or illustration it also includes some straight talk about managing and living a life in art. Now in its 7th printing.

This book speaks to readers who have a strong desire to become accomplished in using coloured pencil. Even if you have never tried it before, if you are committed to learning, you will soon discover how to achieve the brilliant effects found in this beautiful book. Beginning with an overview of materials and the basics of drawing, composition, and colour, Bet Borgeson shares with readers her expertise in the techniques of coloured pencil. Practical instruction and illustrated step-by-step demonstrations are provided, covering the genres of still life and landscape. You will learn how to do the following:

  • Mix colour, create illustrations of form, volume, and space; perfect composition; use edges.
  • Use colour lifting and impressed line techniques; appraise your work in progress.
  • Select, set up, and light a still life; integrate subject and background; perfect composition.
  • Find your center of interest; use colour to suggest space; appreciate understatement.
  • Blend art with livelihood;

    exhibit and sell your art; become a lifelong artist.

Bet Borgeson

“Raised and educated in Southern California, Bet Borgeson began her first formal art studies at UCLA. After moving to the Pacific Northwest Borgeson completed her art education with a degree in painting from Portland State University. In the August, 1982 issue of American Artist magazine, Bet Borgeson wrote the first article in the U.S. on using colored pencils as a fine art medium.

She was by this time working mostly in colored pencil, exhibiting and selling her work in various Oregon and Washington galleries and museums. Examples of Borgeson’s Art in Colored Pencil. Although colored pencil as a fine art medium was not then generally familiar to the public, it became increasingly clear that its unique handling characteristics and potential were also not well understood by other artists. Since Borgeson was already teaching oil painting, she felt that she should additionally be spreading the word about colored pencils.”

Bet Borgeson’s website is very useful with lots of exercises and demonstrations.

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The image at the top is a coloured pencil painting ‘Nikkos and Stardust’ by Bet Borgeson from the book.

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