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QUELQUES RAPPELS CONCERNANT LE PLANNING DES COURS POUR LA PERIODE ALLANT DU 07/02 au 31/03 Le samedi 11 février 2017, tous les cours de Baby-Gym, de Gym Loisir, de Gym Garçons et de Gym Filles Compétition sont annulés. La salle rue Cognebeau étant occupée par un tournoi de badminton. Le samedi 18 février 2017, tous les cours de Baby-Gym, de Gym Loisir, de Gym Garçon et de Gym Filles compétition sont maintenus aux heures habituelles à la salle rue Cognebeau. Et ce, malgré que. . . ce jour là, une de nos filles compétition sera engagée au championnat provincial Hainaut D4 à Charleroi.

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Athletics Calendar

2/3/2017 3:00 PM Basketball - MS Boys vs Tallulah Falls School 2/3/2017 5:00 PM Playing Fields - Andrew Ritchie Gymnasiumvs Hayesville High School 2/4/2017 1:00 PM Basketball - Varsity Girls vs Davidson Day School 2/4/2017 2:30 PM Basketball - Varsity Boys vs Davidson Day School 2/7/2017 6:30 PM Andrew Ritchie Gymnasium - Gym Office - GYM Off 2/8/2017 5:30 PM Basketball - JV Boys vs Christ School 2/8/2017 6:45 PM Basketball - Varsity Boys vs Christ School 2/9/2017 4:30 PM Basketball - MS Boys vs Carolina

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RiverHouse @ The Delaware Water Gap - Cabins for Rent in Columbia

Four season getaway on the Delaware river! Hike, Bike, Paddle, Ski from our 19th century cottage. Restored from a former one room schoolhouse it boasts charm and convenience. Sleeps 4 in a queen bed plus twin mattresses. Steps away from a footbridge crossing the Delaware river. Washer/dryer. Fireplace. Complimentary beverages. Extra people: No ChargeCleaning Fee: $60Security Deposit: $500Weekly Discount: 20% Weekend Price: $160 / night The space Little home freshly refurbishised with a beautiful view and access to Delaware River. Huge lawn is great for frisbee or tossing a football.

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Garage door top weather seal [Archive] - PC World Forums

View Full Version : Garage door top weather seal Anyone knows where can I buy this garage door top /side weather seal: 6626 Rang a few garage door companies and it seems that we don't use top seal (for garage doors) in New Zealand. Nothing in Bunnings or Mitre 10. Googled and found that it is very common in the USA and UK. Amazon and eBay all have them but shipping costs is too high - from the US, of course. tweak'e28-07-2015, 06:15 PMwhat sort of garage door? hmm, you really don't see these vinyl top and side seals around, what are you trying to achieve? Maybe a jamb edge brush seal could be used? I think thats more common here but I am sure those garage places would have suggested other types of seals that you could have used.

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Leonardo Pisano

L eonardo P isano Born: 1170 in (probably) Pisa (now in Italy) Died: 1250 in (possibly) Pisa (now in Italy) Leonardo Pisano is better known by his nicknameFibonacci--- filius Bonacci. Leonardo Pisano was born around 1175 in what is now Pisa, Italy. His nickname, Fibonacci*, means "filius Bonacci" or "son of Bonacci".  His father, Guilielmo Bonacci, was a diplomat representing the Republic of Pisa in Bugia, a Mediterranean port in Northeastern Algeria. Fibonacci traveled extensively with his father and he was educated in North Africa.

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Have you ever dreamed of being an astronaut? An architect? But you’re too lazy to do it? Well, here is your chance to redeem yourself. Analog’s Design Unlikely Features Contest invites you to create a unique, custom-built jib feature. Come up with a totally new idea, or build upon something that already exists. Draw it by hand, create on your computer, sketch on a napkin, build it out of Popsicle sticks. . . use whatever method you want. Be creative!Send your entries to Analog via email, standard mail or upload it to our site betweenSeptember 1st-October 31st to: Email: Designunlikelyfeatures@analogclothing.

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Hong Kong’s appalling wealth gap is a burning fuse for revolution

It’s not that we haven’t seen shameful contrasts between grinding poverty and obscene wealth elsewhere around the world. It’s nothing new. But there’s something about the wealth gap in Hong Kong that is extra jarring and unacceptable. It could have a lot to do with the fact that, in the most densely populated city in the world, the injustice feels so much more in-your-face and a lot harder to stomach. If you have a conscience, that is. In the city with the highest number of Rolls-Royces per person, tycoons splurge HK$100 million on a wedding without batting an eyelid, or millions more on diamonds to name after their children, while some 300,000 kids can’t get three square meals a day.

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Working at Futures Company

Futures Company 29See All 32 Reviews View All numofnum Application The process took 6 weeks. I interviewed at Futures Company in July 2016. Interview Emailed resume through referral. Was contacted within a few days for a brief phone interview. After that, had a three part written case study to be submitted 4-5 days later. Last round was brief interviews with four different people in-person at their office in NY. The entire process took six weeks. While I really liked everybody that I spoke to and had a positive experience and conversation throughout the process, this ended quickly once the final round interviews were finished.

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Hedge Fund Trader X Review and Bonus of Christopher Castroviejo's Program Revealed

Hedge Fund Trader X ReviewHouston, TX (PRWEB) November 10, 2012 Some people really do make money trading hedge funds, and in some cases, a lot of money for sure. But the knowledge necessary to do that on a regular basis takes time, effort and a lot of sweat and tears to learn. Christopher Castroviejo says that he’s produced a 12 month so-called, “learning boot camp,” that allows self-taught traders and ordinary investors to earn while they learn. A Hedge Fund Trader X review reveals exactly what Hedge Fund Trader X is offering and what exactly what this training course is all about.

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Meghan Trainor Is All About Ariana Grande's Thigh-Gap

Although Meghan Trainor's smash hit "All About that Bass" celebrates womanly curves, apparently, she's all about the thigh-gap too. In a new interview with Cosmopolitan. com, the 20-year-old singer is asked to play a game called "Bass or Treble," in which she decides if something is "bass" -- meaning she's all about it -- or "treble," meaning she's not into it. When the topic of thigh-gaps is brought up, Meghan surprisingly reveals her admiration for singer Ariana Grande's super-thin legs. "If you rock it, bass, I don't know," she says.

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