Any free reliable forex signals provider? A Twitter account or a Facebook group chat maybe? Anything?

Yes there is a free FX signal website and best of all is that you get signals by more than one experts so that you can make better decisions. The site is here:Free Stock Charts and Forex Charts Online.

Sign up right away and check the trade ideas shared by 'top traders'. I am sure you have your own preferred trading methodology so spend some time on tradingview site and "Follow" the "Top traders" who use the same methodology as yours for trading. For instance, harmonic patterns, Elliott waves, Support&Resistance etc is all over the site. I have been following a couple of expert traders for a while now and found that their trades give you 80% success. As a starter, i am giving you this link:tntsunrise’s profile on TradingView , just follow this trader and you will get email alerts for trade ideas as soon as he posts them on tradingview. You can follow his trades and most importantly - Learn from him and all the top traders on this site.

All the best !

First let me say I recommend that you get a mentor and learn to trade and see the market.  By doing this you won't be dependent on anyone else.


that said, there is a really great trader named Kim Krompass who has a private membership group that she mentors.  (Since I've been with her, she's been averaging about 400 pips per week.)  As part of this mentorship, she uses Twitter (@priceactionkim) to communicate with her group members and it's public.  She announces the trades she takes as well as what she is seeing in the market.  Check her out.

I trust theCurrency Charts - freefor all the information related to forex announcements. They have a mobile app, which serves the purpose of analyzing charts and signals well.

If you are looking for a facebook group, thenProfiting Me - Learn Supply and Demand Tradingby Girolamoe is another good resource.

P.S. I have devised a robust calculator for determining an ideal stop loss for a deal in Forex trading. It is available as a download on the bio to this answer.

If you know enough, then you will find the good provider.

It's a lot in your knowladge about trading so first work on that. When you think you're ready, then work on picking provider.

I use XLSignals and they are great, check out their site and see for yourself, you can find all kind of assets there.

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