Stochastic Cross EA

Here is a stochastic cross EA. This is basically how it works: If the %K line crosses below the %D line during the previous candle/bar and the %K line is above 80 it goes short. If the %K line crosses above the %D line during the previous candle/bar and the %K line is below 20 it goes long. Stochastic settings: 8,3,3 Inputs: Lotsize, Stop loss, Take Profit. Coded to work on any timeframe. Won't open a trade, if a trade on the pair is already open. Has no MM feature. This is a new baby project of mine. If you would like this modified let me know.

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Color MACD Histogram

Hello Forexers! I was wondering if anybody knew of an MACD indicator that included color in it's histogram. Basically what I need is that if MACD is above zero, a histogram bar is one color if it is higher than or equal to the previous bar (blue?), and another color if it is lower than the previous bar (red?). . . vice versa for when the MACD is below zero of course. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Daemien G#MACD_M30. mq4  4 KB|6,047 downloads 24 hours in a day – 24 bottles of beer in a case – Coincidence? I think not Hi Matrix! Thanks for the file! I took a look at it - looks interesting but not quite what I need Basically I am looking for an MACD that shows different colors in the Histogram area (the bars going up and down) depending on whether they are higher or lower than the previous bar.

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