10 Best flooring ideas to suit Indian environment

Flooring is something that isn’t given too much thought while designing a home. In India, most homes feature ceramic tiling, wood or natural stone that matches the colour of the rest of the home and fits the budget. However, with some creativity, a floor can enhance the décor theme of a home.

Of course, careful consideration needs to be given to the suitability of a particular flooring material depending upon the area where it is being used, especially with the extreme temperatures and the monsoon season that affects most parts of the country.

We’ve put together 10 different ideas to present the best options suitable for Indian homes.

Residence at Bangalore: modern Living room by DesignCafe

Most modern Indian apartments use wooden laminate flooring due to the easy maintenance that it offers. It adds a trendy look to the interiors and a warm ambiance too.

floor design with black stone : modern Walls & floors by Square Designs

Stone inlay also works well in more modern designs, like in this home, where the black stone creates a stunning artistic element that breaks the monotony of the white marble.

gandhi farm house: rustic Living room by 4th axis design studio

In a rustic themed home, unpolished tiles or those with a rough texture work well in enhancing the interiors. While cement is an affordable choice, local stones are popular too, especially for eco-friendly homes.

reading nook: eclectic Walls & floors by iSTUDIO Architecture

While wood deck tiling is usually used in outdoor areas such as patios or balconies in modern homes, they also work well indoors in places that need warmth, like in this cosy reading nook.

Asfiya Residence:</p>
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modern Living room by V5 Design Studio">

Instead of restricting the flooring to a single colour and material throughout the entire home, mixing and matching tiles adds an interesting design element. It also helps to stay within the budget, if more expensive natural stone is reserved for the living area, while maintenance-free tiling or laminates are used in the other rooms. It can be used as a visual divider, like in this home, where different flooring is used to separate the living area from the dining room.

Mr & Mrs Pannerselvam's Residence: modern Walls & floors by Murali architects

The charm of natural stone adds a lovely look to any home, and is perfect for introducing a cooling element to beat the Indian summers. The choice of colours and grains provides almost unlimited options that can be matched to suit different colour schemes.

Terrace: Terrace by Ansari Architects

In a traditional home, the use of hand painted tiles adds colour and also lends itself well to unique design elements such as a permanent stone carpet.

INDIAN INTERIOR DESIGN: modern Walls & floors by srisutath

Traditionally, rangoli is used to welcome guests into the home. An innovative treatment for flooring is to have a rangoli design painted on to flooring tiles to make it a permanent feature that adds colour and beauty to a home.

classic Corridor, hallway & stairs by IONS DESIGN

A classic style that doesn’t go out of fashion, black-and-white chequered tiles present an easy, maintenance-free flooring option for Indian homes. Paired with the right accessories and furnishings, they work well in both luxurious as well as casual homes.

For some more innovative flooring ideas, take a look at this ideabook.

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