Green Spot (Greenspot) Irish Whiskey (700ml)

There are currently no reviews for this product. Green Spot: One of the world's Rarest Whiskies. 'If you see it, grab it. It’s too much of a high class one-off to ignore. '- Jim Murray. Once upon a time in Ireland, many hundreds of wine merchants would fill their own casks with the spirit from their local distilleries and sell it under their own brand name, occasionally giving mention to the stills where it first bubbled into life. But all that changed when distillers became proprietorial and wished, often with good reason, due to the dubious practises of some merchants, to have complete control over any whiskey which bore their name.

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Burgers at That One Spot – Ocoee, FL

Today is the start of National Hamburger Month, a time dedicated to celebrating one of America’s most iconic food items. I will be featuring a of series burgers throughout the month of May, some from cities around Florida and a few from other states. To kick off this series, I’ll start with one of my newest favorite places in Central Florida, That One Spot in Ocoee, FL. A fairly new restaurant to the area, this place is dedicated to burgers and burger-like sandwiches.   (click image to enlarge) The menu features beef burgers, salads, sides, and more burgers with options like veggie, grilled chicken, turkey and even a herb crusted salmon.

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Poor/Slow Wound Healing

Many wounds pose no challenge to the body's innate ability to heal; some wounds, however, may not heal easily either because of the severity of the wounds themselves or because of the poor state of health of the individual.   Any wound that does not heal within a few weeks should be examined by a healthcare professional because it might be infected, might reflect an underlying disease such as diabetes, or might be a serious wound requiring medical treatment. Diagnose your symptoms now! check your overall health status understand what's happening to your body identify any nutritional deficiencies All wounds follow roughly the same healing process, which consists of an orderly progression of events that reestablish the integrity of the damaged tissue.

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Rita Ora flaunts ample assets in sexy semi-sheer lingerie

Published:04:28 EST, 20 September 2016 |Updated:17:47 EST, 20 September 2016 She's undoubtedly one of the hottest pop stars in the world. And Rita Ora gave her 10 million Instagram followers a Monday to remember as she posed for a rather sexy snap in sheer lingerie. Flashing her ample assets in the daring selfie, the singer, 25, slipped into a plunging bralet with navy velvet panels as she smouldered into the lens.  Scroll down for video Phw-Ora! Rita Ora gave her 10 million Instagram followers a Monday to remember as she posed for a rather sexy snap in sheer lingerieRita's long honey-hued tresses were swept back in a chic wet bed hair look, drawing attention to her flawless complexion.

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tourism and tourist attractions - synonyms and related words

the Association of British Travel Agents: the organization that most British travel agents belong to noun somewhere or something you can visit that is interesting or enjoyable a group of British holiday camps (=groups of buildings containing restaurants, swimming pools, bars, places to sleep etc where people can spend their holiday). People think of Butlins as offering simple, traditional British holidays that are not expensive and include a lot of free entertainment for visitors. noun tourismBritishsomeone whose job is to help and look after tourists on an organized holiday noun someone whose job is to take people for rides in a gondola in Venice noun tourismsomeone whose job is to look after a group of people who are visiting a place and give them information about it noun someone who shows you which direction to walk or travel in, especially as their job noun Britisha part of the year when many tourists visit a place and travel costs are therefore higher noun a place where a lot of people go on holiday, usually one with a lot of hotels, bars, and restaurants noun Britishthe time of year when most people take their holidays noun Britishthe time of year when a place or business is least busy, for example because there are not many tourists.

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Mc Stojan

none Mc Stojan Feat. Jana (8) Mc Stojan Feat. Jana (8) - Ti I Ja ‎ (File, MP3, Single) IDJTunes none Serbia 2012 none Mc Stojan Feat. DJ Silver (7) Mc Stojan Feat. DJ Silver (7) - Volim Te ‎ (File, MP3, Single, Promo) IDJTunes none Serbia 2013 none Mc Stojan Feat. Galena (3) Mc Stojan Feat. Galena (3) - Vatreno Vatreno ‎ (File, MP3, Single, Promo) IDJTunes none Serbia 2013 none MC Stojan & Carlos Vizcarra MC Stojan & Carlos Vizcarra - Fight Of My Life ‎ (File, MP3, Single) IDJTunes none Serbia 2013 none MC Stojan* Feat.

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Airport Parking

AirportsGeorge Bush Houston Intercontinental Airport George Bush Intercontinental Airport, 2800 N Terminal Rd, Houston, TX 77032, www. fly2houston. com A Texas Sized Airport The Houston airport, known as Bush Intercontinental Airport, is one of the nation's largest airports. It is often referred to as a "city within a city. " This quick guide will give you some pointers on what you can expect in the city inside IAH.     Things You'll Appreciate About IAH IAH is a big, well run facility. It has a large number of restaurants and shops, and the overall feeling is that customer service is welcoming and friendly.

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The Army/Navy rivalry videos confirm that Navy is Illuminati

One of the finest traditions of the annual Army-Navy game is the "spirit spot" videos that students and staff at each academy produce to (occasionally) hype their team and (mostly) dump on their bitter rivals. With the Midshipmen in the middle of a 13-year winning streak, these videos are sometimes the only thing that Army cadets have to look forward to after kickoff. In years past, this has led toinappropriately long hashtags ,Charlie Daniels tributes , and theabduction of unsuspecting milkmen. With the game coming up on Saturday, both programs are firing away with their spots to help fuel the rivalry that burns between these two teams.

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Spot Meter | eBay

Free Shipping Meter has a dent at the top also the bag zipper is coming apart from age. Includes a fresh battery. The Zone VI modifications included calibration of the meter to within 1/16 stop of linearity of the entire range of light values, corrective internal filters, superior photoe. . . The meter is super accurate, does spot, average, and flash. It has been super dependable for me, and takes AA batteries which makes it easy to find replacements in a pinch. Thanks!Minolta Spotmeter M near mint. Excellent working condition. With case and lens cap.

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Eye of the Storm: Jupiter Moon Occults Great Red Spot

The biggest storm in the solar system may be slowly dwindling, but as can be seen from this view, even the shadow from Jupiter's biggest moon cannot engulf the mighty Great Red Spot. Continue reading → Previous Next NASA, ESA, and A. Simon (Goddard Space Flight Center) Previous Next NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA) To celebrate its 23rd year in space, the Hubble Space Telescope snapped this view of the famous Horsehead nebula in infrared light. Usually obscured by the thick clouds of dust and gas, baby stars can be seen cocooned inside this stellar nursery.

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