Mission Statement, Vision Statement & Core Values

The mission of the Sonora Police Department is to provide the community and visitors with the highest quality of law enforcement services. We continually improve the public’s perception of community safety through eradication of criminal activity and any conditions that have a detrimental impact on public safety. The Department will accomplish this task while using the Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving (COPPS) model. Providing this service to the public will be conducted in an efficient and effective manner, consistent with statutory authority, available budgeted resources and professional skills.

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Did the LDS Church Officially 'OK' Caffeine?

Did the Church just make an (un)official announcement saying it's okay to drink caffeine?  Two days ago the LDS Church Newsroom Blog published a story responding to NBC'sRock Center with Brian Williams , clarifying the statement made on caffeine. The original post said "the church does not prohibit the use of caffeine" and that the reference to "hot drinks" "does not go beyond [tea and coffee]. "Yesterday the blog was tweaked to soften the wording, saying that "the church revelation spelling out health practices. . . does not mention the use of caffeine.

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The Very Best Statement Earrings of 2016—Plus the Year’s Other Top Runway Baubles

Without question, 2016 will go down as the year of the statement earring. The trend toward large, dynamic, and brightly colored baubles has been simmering for some time, but it finally came to a boil with Proenza Schouler’s truly enormous earrings and Alexander McQueen’s collages of ear chains and charms. Of course, with any trend, there are those who buck it. Prada provided a quirky take on the choker adorned with bits, bobs, and books for Fall 2016, while Céline—the brand that started the swing toward bold earrings—moved on to simple, pearly drops.

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American Cancer Society, Inc. - GuideStar Profile

The American Cancer Society, Inc. Board of Directors established Outcome Goals for six Mission Priority areas:Lung Cancer/Tobacco Control• Increase tobacco excise taxes in all jurisdictions and increase the federal excise tax. • Increase the percentage of the population covered by comprehensive smoke-free laws,with the ultimate goal of a comprehensive, non-preemptive federal smoke-free law. • Achieve Medicare coverage for evidence-based lung cancer screening and serve as the convener of relevant groups to promote adherence to high-quality screening guidelines.

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Indianapolis Colts vs. Denver Broncos Betting Odds, Analysis, NFL Pick

Jeff Roberson/Associated Press OddsShark. com Featured Columnist September 14, 2016 The Indianapolis Colts are coming off a disappointing home loss to the Detroit Lions last week and will try to rebound on Sunday as road underdogs against the defending Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos. The Colts have started 0-2 each of the previous two seasons, bouncing back to make the AFC Championship Game two years ago but missing the playoffs altogether in 2015 due to injuries to quarterback Andrew Luck. Point spread: The Broncos opened as four-point favorites; the total was 44 early in the week, according to sportsbooks monitored by Odds Shark.

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Does an Increase in Goodwill Affect Cash-Flow Statement Accounting?

by John Cromwell When a business forms, it's not merely a collection of assets and employees. As an organization conducts its business, it builds a reputation that people recognize. The reputation can come either from being accredited, such as by being a lawyer or CPA, or by having good customer relationships. The value of that brand goes beyond the business's products and assets. Goodwill is an accounting measure meant to place a price on that intangible value of a business. Goodwill is a long-term, intangible asset for balance-sheet purposes.

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Football Betting Lines Explained | NFL Moneyline, Point Spread and Totals Explained

The novice football bettor may be a bit overwhelmed when they first create an account at an online Sportsbook and then look at the posted NFL betting lines. Most bets with your buddy will be on what NFL team will win straight up or who will cover the spread. This guide give you the basic types of Football wager types associated with a betting line. Football Betting Line A betting line is a posted number that the online Sportsbook posts for each game in a certain sport. The betting line will have different wager options within the betting line.

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Speaker Credibility

Techniques> Public speaking >Public Speaking Articles > Speaker Credibility Credibility is. . . | Initial | Presented |Derived | Terminal | See also Credibility is. . . Credibility is, literally, the extent to which your audience believes you when you speak. It is about thetrust they place in you, especially as being an expert in your topic. Unlike simple trust, which is often given until a person is found untrustworthy, credibility often has to be earned, and people will look first to indicators such as achievements in education and employment, then to their first-hand experience of your presentation.

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Statements of Comprehensive Income and Changes in Equity > Consolidated Financial Statements Geberit Group, Geberit AG

      2011 2010     MCHF MCHF Net income according to the income statement 384. 0 406. 8 a) Cumulative translation adjustments -16. 8 -162. 7   Reclassification to the income statement 0. 0 0. 0   Total cumulative translation adjustments -16. 8 -162. 7 b) Cashflow hedge accounting 0. 7 1. 9   Reclassification to the income statement 0. 0 0. 0   Taxes -0. 2 -0. 5   Total cashflow hedge accounting, net of tax 0. 5 1. 4 c) Actuarial adjustments of pension plans -50. 4 -35. 9   Taxes 9. 0 7. 2   Total actuarial adjustments of pension plans, net of tax -41.

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Rn Objectives | Resume Objective

RN Resume Objective Training and certification are only one aspect of gaining employment as a registered nurse. A clear and confident resume objective that demonstrates leadership qualities and communication skills illustrates value to a prospective employer. This is the first part of the resume and an important place to make an impact on the reader. What The RN Resume Objective Should Tell Prospective Employers Registered Nurses perform a variety of important duties in the healthcare sector. Most positions center on patient care, requiring candidates who possess exceptional knowledge of medical diagnosis, pharmacology, preventive health measures and alternative treatments.

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