How to Write a Personal Statement in Your Resume (CV Writing Tips Part 2)

In part 1, we focused on how to use CV Templates and why customization is important. Writing a personal statement in your CV would definitely impress the hiring manager if you do it right.

What is a Personal Statement (also known as Elevator Pitch)

Think you work with the company you just applied to the job role. You have guessed your work responsibilities. You have imagined meeting targets and reaching company’s goals and in the process impressed your boss and colleagues. You have bright ideas to contribute to company’s mission and vision.

This is what your personal statement is all about.

Writing what you can offer to the company.

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You have to paint a picture of how well you fit in the position vacant in the company.

To write the personal statement in your CV, you should only highlight skills relevant to the job opening. If you just add what you know and give a long list of accomplishments, more chances are your CV getting thrown in the dustbin.

Write Your Personal Statement

Start with who you are
What can you offer to the company
What are your career aspirations
Conclude a brief overview of experience in a sentence or two

This should be on top of your CV.

Do not keep the company guessing how they can benefit from the skills written on your CV. Keep these important tips to put a well-written personal statement in your CV

Short is sweet- 50 to 100 words
Be specific and use examples
Avoid vague sentences
Talk about specific talents and skills
Use few keywords in the personal statement
Be consistent

cv personal statement

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Keywords and Buzzwords – Good or bad

You have to also write your CV because the applicant tracking system reads first.

Know more about the Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

ATS screens the CV before it reaches your recruiter’s table and you need to add words instrumental in this process.

You have to know – which words to use and which words to remove your CV.

Words to use are known as CV Keywords
Words to remove are simply Buzzwords

Here is a list of overused buzzwords you should not write in your CV:

Creative Track Record
Effective Innovative
Motivated Responsible
Extensive Experience Analytical
Communication Skills Team Player
Responsible Positive

In your CV, you can definitely use these buzzwords as they are not bad.

You should give examples, however, how the overused words are relevant to your experience and work.

Without specific examples, do not add in your job application letter or your CV.

Whatever words you write in your CV, ask yourself how they relate to work experience.

But you have to have CV Keywords-

The automatic tracking machine that picks your CV from the sea of job applications is only because of keywords.

Every industry and job role has industry and job-specific words, and these become ‘keywords’ for your CV.

Add these words to various sections of your CV- starting from personal statement, skills and accomplishments, job roles and other sections.

Know more about keywords, read this article.

What do you do when you have years of experience. How much to add to CV and what to omit, as CV should not be more than 2 pages.

Read about CV length in PART III

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