Are online forex trading really legit?

Yes of course it is legit.

Unfortunately, because of its popularity,Forex tradingbecame a huge marketplace for scammers. From brokers, to software sellers or fake trading gurus! I completely understand your confusion.

My opinion, to avoid scams, always deal with facts, not hype. And if looks or sounds too good to be true, then it’s probably is. But to be able to do that,you need to have some background info about the subject, or you will never know what to believe.

Try to read more, search amazon for books aboutForex market . What it is, how it works, how traders make money from trading..etc Start with famous respected authors, and check the book’s description and reviews.

When you form good background understanding about Forex andForex trading , you

can then start your research with confidence. You will know what to believe and what not to believe.

For example, when someone in forums show a fake trading statement with unrealistic claims, you will understand that and completely ignore it because you know thatForex tradingdoesn’t work that way. When someone try to sell you a push-button magical software to make money from trading without revealing exactly how it works, you would also know that you should ignore it because it’s another scam. When brokers offer too much bonuses, and generous offers just to get your money, without being completely transparent about how they operate or the guarantees they have to keep your money safe, then you will know that you should stay away from them.

Good luck,

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