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Trading Yesterday: Shattered

Yesterday I died; tomorrow's bleeding Fall into your sunlight The future's open wide beyond believing To know why hope dies And losing what was found, a world so hollow Suspended in a compromise But the silence of this sound is soon to follow Somehow sundown And finding answers Is forgetting all of the questions we call home Passing the graves of the unknown As reason clouds my eyes with splendor fading Illusions of the sunlight A reflection of a lie will keep me waiting With love gone for so long And this day's ending Is the proof of time killing all the faith I know Knowing that faith is all I hold And I've lost who I am, (i'm waiting) and I can't understand (and fading) Why my heart is so broken, (and holding) rejecting your love, (love) without, (onto these tears) love gone wrong; lifeless words carry on (i am crying) But I know, all I know's that the end's beginning (i'm dying tonight) who I am from the start, (i'm waiting) take me home to my heart (and fading) Let me go and I will run, (and holding) I will not be silent, (silent) all this time (onto these tears) spent in vain; wasted years wasted gain (i am crying) All is lost but hope remains and this war's not over (i'm dying tonight) There's a light, there's a sun (i'm waiting...) taking all these shattered ones To the place we belong (i am waiting...) and his love will conquer all Yesterday I died; tomorrow's bleeding

Fall into your sunlight

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Trading Yesterday: Shattered

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Trading Yesterday: Shattered

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