Boxing Day Bunnings sales 2016

Home improvement specialists Bunnings has been helping Australians achieve the house of their dreams for decades. Not just a hardware store, Bunnings stocks plants, lighting, decor, furniture and the coolest trend pieces. Whether you’re after an angle grinder or a succulent in a copper pot, Bunnings has got you covered.

This Boxing Day be sure to take advantage of the sales at Bunnings. Bunnings already has the lowest prices (if not, it will beat competing offers by 10%) and with the Boxing Day sales there are some fantastic deals to be had. What better time to stock up on tools and homewares? The Bunnings Boxing Day deals are for a limited time only so check them out ASAP or you may just miss out.

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Sit tight. We can't be completely sure what will be on sale just yet. However, we can expect the seasonal stock to be up for sale. This should include the LED fairy lights, Christmas stock and seasonal plants. It is also likely that Bunnings may discounts some of the outdoor furniture given that we're over the Summer entertaining peak. Here's a list of some of the Bunnings top products that we hope to see on sale:

Today's best deals

Boxing Day deals haven't been released yet, but check out these top deals today.

Alternative stores and sites like Bunnings

At the present, Bunnings does not have an active online store. If you would like to shop at Bunnings you will have to visit one of the stores. However, if you prefer to shop online here are a couple of stores that are like Bunnings and sell similar products. If there's something you're after, you'll find it at these stores listed:

Boxing Day shopping tips

  • Subscribe to deals newsletters - by subscribing to the Bunnings newsletter or the deals newsletter, you'll receive information

    about all the upcoming sales and exactly what to expect. This will help you know what discounts you can get and where you should shop.

  • Make a list of what you want to buy - if you make a list of all the things you actually need to buy ahead of time this will help you when it comes time to shop. There's nothing wrong with a few impulse purchases but if you leave a store with new shoes when you needed new cookware, that's not ideal. Making a list of essential purchases can help you keep the things you actually need at the forefront of your mind.
  • Check all the stockists to get the best deal - There can be lot's of stores that stock the same brand and each store has a different deal. For example, Country Road is stocked by the Country Road stores, eBay and David Jones. If there is a Country Road sheet set that you really want, make sure you check the deals at each store before buying. You might find that one store is much cheaper than the other. If you're not sure who stocks a certain brand, visit the brand website and search for stockist information.
  • Check the promo code pages - before you pay for your purchases it's worth checking the promo code page just in case you've missed a really awesome deal that you could be taking advantage of. There's nothing worse than buying something only to realise there was 20% off if you had only applied a promo code.
  • Set a budget - All the great Boxing Day deals make it hard to retain control over your credit card. This is why it's important to set a budget. If you don't have a dollar figure of the maximum amount you can spend, it's all too easy to get a little too tap-and-pay happy and end up blowing your rent money.

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