Learn Fundamentals of Algorithmic Trading

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Keep it simple. Grasp application-based Finance, Coding and Math in a concise and structured manner. No fluff.

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Design and code Trading Robots within hours. Construct effective robots that understand and adapt to market inefficiencies.

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Building robots is an Art and a Science. We believe the Algo Trader is the Holy Grail of Trading, not the robots.

Yes, you read that right. You won't make money overnight. We are not a get-rich-quick scheme and we don't sell false dreams.

This academy provides knowledge (from years of experience), resources and 24/7 support. Throw in hard work on your end and you have all the ingredients to become a skilled algo trader.

Use proper market logic and statistical methods to build effective robots. Know why your robots work or break down.

Interpret and understand market behavior. Analyse the market implications on your robots during good and

bad times.

Learn the coding skills required to build robots from the ground up. We use MetaTrader 4 and Excel VBA to create our magic.

Garbage in = garbage out. Inaccurate data leads to inaccurate results. Learn appropriate data management skills to ensure accurate testing.

In addition to managing market risk, we go one step further and look at operational risk. Prevent system crashes, downtime and theft by hackers.

Backtesting and live trading are very different. Select proper brokers, infrastructures and evaluation procedures to manage your robot throughout its lifetime.

Course price will rise to $580 as more lectures are added! | All students are covered under our "Any-Reason Guarantee" - a No-Questions-Asked refund policy managed by external vendors. We encourage you to abuse this refund policy to see if the course is a good fit with your goals.

In the last Chapter, you will learn how to code a robot that can think on its own - Lynda (Our version of Skynet).

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