IGM TRADE Ilija I dr. DOO, is privately owned company founded in 1994 with main activity trading with products from black metallurgy sector.

Shortly after its first beginnings the company has installed line for cutting steel sheets from coils and in 1997 the company started with construction activities for production hall �where the first line for production of welded pipes and profiles and slitting line will be placed.

The first line for production started with work in year 1998. �

The whole investment was financed from a World Bank credit line.

After the company has gained a significant part from the market we started making projects for enlargement of our range of products, and in year 2001 was installed one more line for production of welded pipes and profiles up to outside diameter of 101mm, and in July 2004 has started with work the third line for production up to outside diameter of 168mm.

�In the period of 2006-2008, 4 more lines for production of welded pipes and profiles were installed, so today in the company are working 7 lines for production.

In the year of 2008 with work has started the line for hydro testing with what the assortment of products was enlarged once again with main objective to satisfy the needs of different types of clients.

At the end of year 2008 , we are expecting to start production in the Galvanizing plant as new investment project.

Together with the range enlargement the company has made efforts to implement the world standards in its working process and in year 2007 the company

was given ISO 9001:2000 certificate from Lloyd�s Registar and CE mark.

Continuously receiving fit backs from the market and from his clients the investment process of IGM-TRADE will not end here, we will continue with new investments, some of them are already in process, all with purpose to adopt the range of our product according the needs of our customers.

IGM-TRADE today is the largest Greenfield investment in Macedonia.

The company is located on 350.000 square meters of land, from which 200.000 square meters is covered area where the lines for production and warehouses can be found.

IGM-Trade yearly production is 120.000 tones of welded pipes and profiles, and from the total production only 10% is sold in domestic market and 90% is for export.

The company is market oriented and modern with high technology equipment, constantly directed toward employing young innovative peoples as well as training of its own staff, both abroad and in the country. Being in the center of market developments, today IGM-Trade as young and export-oriented company employs 250 peoples, from which 90% are high educated and innovative young peoples that are constantly improving them selves .

Today the main characteristics of the company under which we are recognized are the long-term established directions:

  • The company is solvent, financially stable and liquid;
  • The objective of IGM-Trade are: export, investment, employment and profit;
  • According the results achieved� IGM-Trade is one of the 10 top companies in Macedonia, 6th largest exporter in the country and 15-th by total revenues , having in its possession valuable assets: land, halls and equipment.

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