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Find out more about advice for consumers

Consumer advice - If you are a consumer, visit out consumer advice and protection pages for guidance on your rights when you buy goods or services

Visit our business advice page for guidance on contract law Business Advice (Consumer Law) - If you are a business, visit our business advice pages for advice and guidance on contract law Find out more about animal by-products disposal

Animal by-products disposal, animal feed and feed hygiene and animal health - Find out about animal feed and feed hygiene, animal health legislation, or the legal disposal routes of animal by products

Find out more about chemicals, petrol and explosives

Chemicals, petrol and explosives - Chemicals must be correctly labelled and packaged. There are strict rules on the storage and handling of explosives and petroleum. Find out more

Find out more about consumer credit

Consumer credit - If your business offers goods or services on credit or lend money to consumers or act as pawnbroker, you must be authorised. Find out more

Find out more about counterfeiting

Counterfeiting - Find out about what counterfeiting is, and how to avoid it in your business

Find out more about food standards

Food standards - You must make sure that the foods you supply are correctly and accurately labelled, that it contains legal ingredients and that any claims made are not false or misleading. Find out more

Find out more about packing goods by weight or volume

Packing goods by weight or volume - Find out about packer’s duties, and the laws covering packing goods by weight or volume

Find out more about poisons

Poisons - The law on selling poisons is changing. Find out more

Product safety

Product safety - All goods whether they are new or second hand, supplied or hired must be safe by law. Find out more

Tobacco control Tobacco control - We ensure that tobacco products sold in the city are correctly labelled in English with health warnings, are not counterfeit and only contain legal substances. Find out more Find out more about unfair trading practices and pricing practices

Unfair trading practices and pricing practices - If you are a business, you have a duty to not trade unfairly with consumers. Find out about the different laws covering the offering and supply of goods and services

Find out more about unroadworthy vehicles

Unroadworthy vehicles - If you are a motor dealer or you repair vehicles, you must not supply vehicles to the public for use on the road which are in an unsafe condition. Find out how to be legally compliant

Motor Trade Partnership logo

Motor Trade Partnership - If you are a business involved in the selling of and repairing of motor vehicles register for this new scheme to improve customer confidence and help promote your business

Find out more about weights and measures

Weights and measures and public weighbridges - Find out about your legal obligations if you operate a weighbridge, advice about selling goods by weight or volume, or how to request testing for your weighing and measuring equipment

Find out more about trading standards inspections

Inspections and enforcements - Find out what happens in a trading standards inspection or what enforcement action we may take if a business breaks the law

Trading standards prosecutions and simple cautions Prosecutions and simple cautions - Access the list of trading standards prosecutions and simple cautions dating back from 2011

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We are open Monday to Thursday 9am to 5pm, and Friday 9am to 4.30pm. Please note the trading standards office is not open to the public. If you have an enquiry please make this to trading standards by telephone, text phone, email or post.

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