Hi, my name is Alan Vertue. I’m a professional currency trader and educator. My professional life revolves around the markets, however I wasn’t always a trader. Before discovering the this wonderful vocation in 1999, I worked in a wide variety of fields (none of them even remotely connected to finance) spanning a period of more than 40 years, including 30 years spent as a professional advertising photographer. In other words, I started my trading career from pretty much the the same place as most of you. From scratch!


I am a trader. I live and breathe the markets. However, I am not blind to the fact that there is a life outside trading. This world offers a multitude of gifts to those who dare to think outside the square. The freedom of choice, the right to be able to live rather than merely exist. A successful trader is not bound by a mundane, nine-to-five, existence. He or she is able to work from any location in the world that has an internet connection…

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Trading Forex is a serious business. Education is critical if you want to join the growing ranks of successful traders. But here’s a fact that most educators don’t tell you – most traders’ accounts don’t see them through the learning phase!   – their money runs out just as they start to make progress. Why? Because learning to trade involves jumping in at the deep end… Learn More


The best artists, craftsmen, tradesmen, and professionals don’t expect to make a living with inferior tools, and neither should Forex traders. Position size calculators, technical indicators, risk:reward simulators, profit objective calculators, etc., all aid a trader in developing strategies, managing risk, and achieving their goals… Download Here


Knowledge is power, and this is no more apparent in than trading the Forex markets. The world’s financial markets are littered with the remains of long deceased trading accounts, usually the result of too much exuberance and too little discipline. The Advanced Currency Trader Program Trader Program is a comprehensive training course, designed by a professional trader… Learn More


The ultimate goal of the  ACTP education  is to teach traders how to become profitable, and independent professionals. However, the use of mechanical, rules-based strategies is an essential aid in developing a trader’s confidence and self-discipline. In fact, no training program can be considered complete without their inclusion…Learn More

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