Hisense partners with Darwish Trading

Hisense partners with Darwish Trading

March 26 2017 12:07 AM


Global electronics manufacturer Hisense has extended its footprint in Qatar, partnering with Darwish Trading Company as an exclusive distribution partner for its air-conditioning business with an entire range of “world-recognised” commercial air-conditioners.
This comes after the brand successfully ventured into the Middle East, according to the statement.
Moan Abraham, executive VP for air-conditioning at Hisense Middle East, said: “We have partnered exclusively for air-conditioning with Darwish Trading Company in Qatar after taking into consideration their successful presence for 85 years, their strong brand value and marketing infrastructure, combined with their strong aftersales service, making it a win-win situation.”
In the Middle East region, Hisense has “already embarked upon a successful journey with year-on-year growth of over 50% with an ambitious plan to achieve double-digit growth in the region”, the statement notes. 
Hisense and Darwish are “confident that the next-generation products will provide much-desired convenience to customers and revolutionise the AC industry in the Middle East”. 
Also, Hisense products have adhered to the call of Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (Kahramaa) and Qatar’s Ministry of Municipality and Environment to minimise the consumption of power and improve efficiency. The Hisense RAC (spilt

AC) has achieved 7-Star ratings.
Mohamed Shahed Akbar, head of operations at Darwish Trading Company – AC division, said: “The company is currently enjoying a more balanced structure between its traditional B2C and new B2B business, making the brand presence felt across various sectors of the Doha market. The company’s continuous success is attributed to the core technologies that are designed to suit the global and regional commercial air-conditioner industry.”
The VRF (variable refrigerant flow) system is the latest technology in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning. This system consists of one outdoor unit with many indoor units and is used for variable load – every space can be have its own temperature although 
connected by one compressor.
VRF air-conditioning systems are cost-effective to install, easy to use and economical to operate throughout the entire life of the equipment.
After 14 years of development, Hisense’s market position in the commercial air conditioner space is No.2 in China.


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